President Biden makes a war move not made in decades

Joe Biden

Talks of international war have been heating up in recent months. The US might be the ones to cause it.

Because President Biden has made a war move not made in decades.

During Donald Trump’s four years in office, the simple fact is that Americans didn’t have to think about their taxpayer dollars being constantly wasted on endless wars or the potential of a new war being started.

In fact, Donald Trump worked to end unwinnable “wars” like the one the US had been waging in Afghanistan for more than a decade.

Leave it to sleepy Joe to fumble the plan Donald Trump already had in place to bring back all troops from Afghanistan in the most incredible way. Joe Biden seemingly did everything he could to make a joke out of America by leaving billions of dollars in military equipment paid by the taxpayer in Afghanistan for the Taliban to enjoy.

So does anyone actually trust Joe Biden as the commander-in-chief right now? No, not really. At least not according to the polls ever since his Afghan bungle.

If you’re one who doesn’t exactly trust Joe Biden to lead the military well and put American safety first, you’re definitely not going to like what he’s done this time.

According to numerous reports, Joe Biden has deployed a nuclear submarine to the waters near South Korea in the middle of tensions that are heating up with North Korea.

This move of sending a nuclear submarine to South Korea has not been taken since the 1980s.

The National Review reports:

The ship, the USS Kentucky, is an Ohio-class submarine and “reflects the United States’ ironclad commitment to the Republic of Korea for our extended deterrence guarantee,” the Pentagon said in a statement. The vessel, anchored in the south of the country, marked the first time a submarine with nuclear capabilities had made a port call to South Korea since the 1980s, the country’s defense ministry reported.

“As we speak, an American nuclear submarine is making port in Busan today,” a White House official shared in a press conference on the topic.

The National Review also notes that North Korea responded to this by launching two “short-range ballistic missiles” in an attempt to deter America and its allies from interfering.

North Korea also just detained an American military soldier after supposedly entering North Korea without “permission.”

The Joe Biden administration is reportedly in talks to get back the soldier that is being held hostage in North Korea now.

“We believe he is currently in DPRK custody and are working with our KPA counterparts to resolve this incident,” Isaac Taylor, a spokesperson of the United States Forces Korea shared with the media.

This is a heightening of tensions that Americans have seen very rarely in the years since the Cold War with the east that ended in the 1980s.

A number of military officials have also been critical of the U.S. military’s readiness under the direction of Joe Biden, raising concerns about a potential war effort against American enemies.

Could Joe Biden actually lead the U.S. in defending the interests of America against the aggression from the likes of Russia, China, North Korea, or Iran? That’s the golden question.

It’s also one that Americans don’t really want to have to ask. It could come back to haunt Joe Biden in the 2024 election if he has to face off against a strong candidate like Ron DeSantis or Donald Trump.

Stay tuned to the DC Daily Journal.

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