Rudy Giuliani sent a federal judge a demand that Hunter Biden isn’t going to like

rudy giuliani

Hunter Biden believes he is in the clear after his sweetheart deal. But he’s not getting off so fast.

Because Rudy Giuliani sent a federal judge a surprise demand that Hunter Biden isn’t going to like.

The judge hearing the tax fraud case against the President’s son has received a letter from a nonprofit research group, Marco Polo, that combed through Hunter Biden’s laptop, urging her not to accept the plea bargain offered by prosecutors.

Marco Polo, which published the laptop’s emails online and summarized their contents in a 630-page report, claimed that judges are under no obligation to accept plea bargains even if they are agreed upon by prosecutors and the defendant.

The organization continued: “Not only will the plea deal before you, if accepted, make a mockery of the phrase ‘slap on the wrist,’ but it will also send a sobering message to citizens which demonstrates that nepotism and proximity to political power determine outcomes in our criminal justice system.”

Their letter said “there is evidence for, at the very least, 459 violations of state and federal laws and regulations on the device. The breakdown is as follows: 140 business-related crimes, 191 sex-related crimes, and, lastly, 128 drug-related crimes.”

“These instances of criminal wrongdoing are supported by primary source evidence: emails, photos, videos, text messages, audio files, et al. The plea deal for your consideration is so meager that the phrase ‘limited hangout’ does not describe the situation.””

According to the document, a “limited hangout” is a form of spin control in which someone discloses only a little part of a scandal in order to make it seem like the whole matter has been resolved.

Former Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani, who helped spread the laptop’s content after the FBI did nothing with it, joined Marco Polo in the letter.

“By virtue of having been the United States Attorney (‘USA’) for the Southern District of New York, Mr. Giuliani is uniquely capable of spotting a ‘sweetheart’ deal reserved for those such as Biden, whose father is the president. Without Biden’s familial connections, there is no way any USA or AUSA would have proposed two misdemeanors and essentially a non-prosecution on the felony gun charge,” the letter added.

The letter to U.S. District Court Judge Maryellen Noreika was co-signed by Giuliani’s personal attorney and former deputy in the New York prosecutor’s office, Robert Costello.

The letter claims that the plea bargain was the result of prosecutorial misconduct because it only involved minor tax offenses, would have allowed a felony gun charge to be dropped under a diversion program, and carried a punishment of only probation.

According to the report, the raid on the Bidens’ storage facility was thwarted because Assistant US Attorney Lesley Wolf had warned the Bidens about it.

While breaking federal law, Wolf’s “egregious leak” incensed IRS investigators (i.e. two of the whistleblowers) and may have broken the rules of the Pennsylvania Bar (from which Wolf is disqualified) as well. Wolf also improperly worried about the ‘optics’ of a search warrant for the White House guesthouse, seemingly hid evidence from investigators, and ordered them to avoid questioning ‘the big guy,’ a nickname for Vice President Joe Biden.

Chris Clark, Hunter Biden’s attorney, allegedly warned prosecutors that “careers would be ruined if they brought various charges against Hunter.”

“The District of Delaware has never — going back to 1995 — charged 26 USC §7203 as a standalone misdemeanor, as is the case with Biden. This proposed plea deal is, quite literally, unprecedented; we hope you will recognize that it is unprecedented because it is unjust,” the letter continues.

The federal judge overseeing the Hunter Biden case is expected to reach a decision regarding the plea deal this week.

Some legal experts have pointed out that it would be odd for a judge to reject a plea agreement in this case, though it has happened.

If the judge deems the penalty to not fit the crime, the judge may very well decide to reject it and carry out the case further.

If the plea deal is accepted, Hunter Biden will await a sentencing date in court that would likely come in the following months.

Stay tuned to the DC Daily Journal.

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