Sarah Huckabee Sanders made an executive decision for Joe Biden himself

Governors around the country are getting sick of Biden’s non action. Some are taking matters into their own hands.

Now Sarah Huckabee Sanders has made an executive decision for President Joe Biden himself.

Arkansas’ Republican governor, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, made the announcement at a news conference on Tuesday that land owned by a Chinese corporation that has been labeled a “enemy” must be returned to the state.

Sanders made the following announcement: “I’m announcing that Syngenta, a Chinese state-owned agra-chemical company, must give up its land holdings in Arkansas.”

Sanders made the declaration because of legislation in Arkansas that makes it illegal for “enemy”-owned enterprises to own property in the state.

Sanders signed Act 636 into law earlier this year, which made it illegal for a “prohibited foreign-party-controlled business” to own property in Arkansas.

At least as intriguing as the law and the Chinese company Sanders highlighted is the immediate setting for her choice.

The governor began her statement by saying, “I have to say this past week has been pretty eye-opening.”

Then she brought up recent developments in Israel.

“America’s enemies are on the march,” she said.

Sanders claims that Iran, Russia, and China are among these adversaries, along with Hamas and Hezbollah. Each has shown open and active animosity toward the United States to varying degrees.

“Yet, for too long, in the name of tolerance, we’ve let these dangerous governments infiltrate our country. Arkansas will tolerate them no longer,” she declared.

Sanders then spoke on why she decided to enforce Act 636 against Syngenta, a seed research company that owns 160 acres in Arkansas. For instance, she mentioned that Syngenta’s parent company has been labeled by the U.S. Department of Defense as a Chinese military firm that constitutes “a clear threat to our state.”

According to the governor, Chinese citizens living abroad have no legal recourse. They will be required to work with Chinese officials to gather intelligence if their home country requests it.

Sanders argued that people who declare their loyalty to an adversarial foreign power can never be trusted.

The governor stated that she passed additional legislation prohibiting the use of drones manufactured in Russia and China and the awarding of government contracts to the Chinese Communist Party.

“We will make sure that every company operating in Arkansas is a friend to Arkansas and good to hardworking Arkansans,” she explained.

Sanders concluded by noting that the legal means exist within her state to evict Syngenta.

“Arkansas will always protect our farmers and our national security interests,” she vowed.

The choice that Sanders has made is unquestionably a positive development.

Many citizens of the United States would be shocked to find that land in their country is owned by hostile foreign countries. The typical American might question what prompted Syngeta to be able to get their hands on American land in the first place.

Reasonable Americans have linked land ownership and republicanism from the country’s founding. In other words, a republic cannot exist if its inhabitants do not have the right to own and control their own land.

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