Ted Cruz has Joe Biden on the ropes after his latest takedown

Cruz has made a name for himself as a no-nonsense conservative. Now he’s got his sights on Biden.

And Ted Cruz has Joe Biden on the ropes after his latest takedown.

Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) attacked the National Security Agency (NSA) on Monday after a Daily Wire investigation discovered the agency established a woke diversity, equity, and inclusion dictionary that promotes Critical Race Theory and radical gender ideology.

The dictionary, which was discovered by The Daily Wire in an exclusive investigation, blames “white Europeans” for “settler colonialism,” promotes the gender-neutral pronouns “ze” and “zir,” and even warns of “transmisogyny.”

“This stuff is nonsense, it is garbage, it is poison. Do you know what it isn’t? National security,” the senator said on his Verdict with Ted Cruz podcast regarding the 34-page document, which also defines terms like “anti-racism,” “white fragility,” “demigender,” and “two-spirit.”

Cruz expressed concern that the emphasis on woke ideology could divert attention and resources away from serious security concerns.

“How come nobody at the NSA got signals intelligence on Hamas planning the biggest mass murder of Jews since the Holocaust on October 7th? Maybe because instead, they were focused not only on Critical Race Theory, but also queer theory,” Cruz said.

He also focused on specific phrases in the glossary, highlighting the NSA’s notion of “settler colonialism,” which demeans the United States’ founding.

“Apparently they think that founding of land that is now the United States is an example of ‘oppressive governance’ and ‘settler colonialism,’” the Senator remarked.

Cruz went on to highlight the NSA’s definitions for “decolonization” and “white privilege” before adding “The CBP is not allowed to secure the border because they having to figure out the sexual orientation of human traffickers and drug traffickers instead of stopping them and arresting them, and now the NSA is not looking for terrorists because they’re busy worrying about settler colonialism and queer theory.”

“There is nothing about this that is national security,” Cruz asserted.

“They are being driven by the Biden White House’s obsession with leftist woke politics,” he said before calling the administration “fundamentally unserious” and saying that the glossary “reads like a Saturday Night Live satire.”

The Senator’s remarks came after Reps. Mike Waltz (R-FL) and Jim Banks (R-IN) issued a letter to NSA Director Paul Nakasone calling the agency’s credibility into doubt.

“Many of these definitions, when not incoherent, are deeply troubling,” the members said.

“This document raises questions about NSA’s hiring and contracting processes that deserve answers.”

The letter also inquires whether the NSA’s emphasis on diversity, equity, and inclusion has resulted in “differential treatment based on race.”

Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) also spoke publicly on the memo, saying that ideological takeover of our intelligence agency might have serious ramifications.

“We need to put an end to it before we figure out what it looks like when the CRT regime is latched to the most exquisite spying and surveillance tools that have ever existed on the planet,” Gaetz said.

The National Security Agency has not responded to demands for comment on the material.

Stay tuned to the DC Daily Journal.

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