The Biden Admin is waging a new all-out war on the First Amendment

Vice President Kamala Harris

The new radical Democrat Party can’t stand the Bill of Rights. It’s what is preventing them from forcing everyone into their “progressive” dystopia.

That’s why the Biden Admin is waging a new all-out war on the First Amendment.

A new rule from President Joe Biden’s Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) would eliminate protections for medical professionals’ right to decline treatment that goes against their moral convictions.

The current regulations, which were implemented under the Trump administration, were centered on religious exemptions for touchy topics including conducting abortions or sterilizations, transgender procedures, and giving out contraceptives.

The 2019 rule, which was initially intended to cut off funding to healthcare facilities that did not comply, was blocked by three federal courts after lawsuits were filed by a number of blue states and cities, the American Civil Liberties Union, and Planned Parenthood.

The HHS has already said in a statement on Thursday that it will partially undo the contentious process put in place under Trump and “provide additional safeguards to protect against conscience and religious discrimination.”

The majority of the religious and moral conscience rights outlined in the 2019 rule will be formally eliminated, according to the agency, making this one of the greatest changes.

Also gone were the clauses that permitted the HHS to withhold money in accordance with the more recent conscience rights.

HHS Secretary Xavier Becerra stated that “No one should be discriminated against because of their religious or moral beliefs, especially when they are seeking or providing care,”

“The proposed rule strengthens protections for people with religious or moral objections while also ensuring access to care for all in keeping with the law.”

Of course, Biden’s HHS says they will defend religious and moral objections, but that’s just lip service.

The truth is that the Democrats and the radical Left want to force Christian surgeons to perform transgender sex-change surgeries and abortions.

Their idea of “religious” and “moral” objections applies to everyone except Christians who care to live out their faith according to the Bible.

Just consider how the Left has waged war on Christian business owners who don’t want to perform services that would violate their Christian faith.

In fact, the U.S. Supreme Court is currently hearing a case that involves a Christian website designer who declined making a wedding website for a same-sex couple because the business owner believes that it would be sinful for her to do so.

It’s stunning we are even having these debates when the U.S. Constitution is quite clear in the Bill of Rights.

The First Amendment offers religious freedoms, freedoms of association, and much more. And luckily, in many cases, we’ve maintained those rights.

But the Left is tired of it. They want total control, and they want it now.

That’s why the Biden admin is chipping away at the First Amendment with its new HHS rule designed to beat Christians into submission.

And if they can make the First Amendment fall, the rest of the Bill of Rights is doomed to fall as well.

Which is why getting radical administrations like the Biden one out of office in 2024 is a huge deal.

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