The Biden family will never recover from this bombshell revelation

hunter biden pointing in argument with legal team

Joe Biden and his family have been dodging responsibility for their criminal acts for years. But the story goes so much deeper than anyone ever thought.

And the Biden family will never recover from this bombshell revelation.

Ever since the 2020 presidential election, Joe Biden has been doing everything in his power to silence the Hunter Biden laptop story.

The FBI has worked in tandem with social media giants like Twitter and Facebook to ensure that every major conservative voice bringing the revelations to light is silenced.

President Biden knows if the American public know the full extent of his involvement with his son Hunter, then his hopes for second term in 2024 are all but certainly destroyed.

But Biden can’t hide this horrifying truth for any longer.

Hunter Biden’s main China liaison is married to a Wuhan lab-linked scientist who Biden’s business partner thought could help their firm sell influence “considering how connected he is working for the Chinese CDC,” emails show.

Hunter Biden and his business partner Eric Schwerin gained significant sums brokering international business deals, while having little domain expertise. Businessmen approached the well-connected couple, expecting they had extensive international contacts and would charge them for introductions.

According to emails on the laptop Hunter Biden left at a Delaware repair shop, Schwerin frequently just asked a Chinese woman he knew who had lived in Pennsylvania named Xiaoying G. Zeng. Zeng was sometimes paid a percentage of the proceeds from business transactions in which the firm was involved.

According to data seen by The Daily Wire, Zeng is married to Hongtu Liu, a scientist with China’s Center for Disease Control.

A January 2022 study co-authored by Liu listed his affiliations as the “Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention-Wuhan Institute of Virology, Chinese Academy of Sciences Joint Research Center for Emerging Infectious Diseases and Biosafety, Wuhan” as well as the “Center for Biosafety Mega-Science, Chinese Academy of Science, Wuhan.”

Liu was also a co-author on a study on the human papillomavirus (HPV) in May 2022, with the same connections mentioned.

According to public documents, the couple purchased a house in Pennsylvania in 2006. Liu conducted research at the Abramson Cancer Center at the University of Pennsylvania. Liu’s involvement with the Abramson Family Cancer Research Institute is listed in a 2010 study employing RNA, although his “current address” is with China’s CDC.

The University of Pennsylvania finances the Penn Biden Center, a Joe Biden-connected office and think tank founded in 2018. The Center has pushed for stronger US-China ties, and the university received tens of millions of dollars in Chinese donations shortly after the initiative was unveiled in 2017. Just before the 2022 elections, classified materials were discovered at the Penn Biden Center in D.C.

A Senate committee decided that the COVID virus most likely leaked from the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

However, Hunter Biden, whose laptop revealed repeated trysts with prostitutes, may have been more interested in Liu’s studies on sexually transmitted illnesses. In one text chat on the laptop, Biden’s sister-in-law-turned-girlfriend Hallie Biden and her sister discuss exchanging a prescription for Valtrex, a herpes treatment.

For years, Zeng was one of Hunter Biden’s main entry points into China, notably in biotech, and he dined with Biden at locations like Bourbon Steak.

In March 2010, Zeng arranged a meeting between Schwerin and Dr. Tianyi Wang, the creator of China’s State Guest Entrepreneurs Club, which “serves as the conduit for the formation of a domestic asset fund management investment and advisory service.” Wang is also the president of the China International Industry and Commerce Co.

Schwerin wrote that year to Hunter Biden and Devon Archer, another business partner who was convicted of fraud last year.

In one 2014 email, a U.S. biotech exec writes to an associate, “See if Hunter’s group can get me a meeting with the CHINESE CEO at MICROPORT during the upcoming NASS meeting in San Francisco Nov12th-14th. It has to be with the top dog.” Schwerin wrote to Hunter: “I may be able to see if Xiaoying can get to them and arrange but this is something we should charge for wouldn’t you think?”

Rosemont Seneca, Hunter and Schwerin’s firm, assisted in raising $28 million for medical testing startup Counsyl in May 2014. Schwerin had approached Liu about a job at the firm a month before, while Counsyl was unsuccessfully seeking Chinese investors.

“If Counsyl is looking for someone there they may also want to consider Xiaoying’s husband. According to Xiaoying he is starting a business that does online testing for HPV. Could be a great entree for Counsyl in China considering how connected he is working for the Chinese CDC.”

The next month, John DeLoche, another Rosemont business partner, wrote to Counsyl regarding their “China strategy.”

“We have deep relationships in China and could introduce you to a number of potential partners including China Investment Corporation (CIC), a $400bn sovereign wealth fund as well as several other potential investors/partners. Hunter and Devon spend a lot of time in the region and will come back to us with a full list of potential intros for your thoughts next week,” he wrote.

Schwerin forwarded the email to Hunter Biden, again pushing Liu: “Xiaoying’s husband is starting his own company with a couple of other friends from China’s CDC which would be the first company to do online disease testing in China – their initial focus would be HPV which is his area of expertise. Got to be a way to put all three parts of this together. They said this woman Shirley was heading up their China strategy but if she is coming up empty then maybe this is the perfect way to go. Should I get on the phone with Xiaoying and feel her out on the idea re CITIC?” he said, referring to a Chinese medical and investment company.

In January 2015, Schwerin provided Hunter Biden a “update” on Abbott Labs: “Supposed to get confirmation that our contract is being renewed sometime this week. Majority of it goes to Xiaoying but still would be good to have it renewed,” he said.

Hunter Biden wrote to “Mr. Huang” in June 2016: Thank you so much for the lovely gifts and please relay my thanks to your Chairman as well. I am sorry we didn’t get to spend more time together, but Eric and Xiaoying have filled me in on your plans in the U.S. and China and I look forward to being as helpful as possible.”

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