The Clintons don’t want you to read about this man mysteriously passing away

Hillary Clinton

The Clintons are synonymous with political scandals. There’s still more skeletons in their closets to uncover.

That’s why the Clintons don’t want you to read about ths man mysteriously passing away.

It’s become somewhat of a facetious joke that Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton will put “hits” out on anybody who crosses them.

Of course, the biggest story involved Jeffrey Epstein’s supposed “suicide” after he was caught and would be going to prison.

Most Americans simply didn’t believe that Jeffrey Epstein was able to commit suicide when he was supposed to be on watch 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The cameras conveniently stopped working and the guards apparently conveniently slept through checkpoints.

This of course led many to suggest that maybe it was the Clintons who were involved in Epstein’s death and that it wasn’t a suicide at all.

Well those who believe so might have even more evidence that the Clinton’s were definitely involved somehow.

Mark Middleton was once an aide to the Bill Clinton White House back in the 1990s, but was found dead back in May of 2022 in Perryville, Arkansas.

A report on the man’s death was just released to the public, however, and the findings are extremely odd.

The death was ruled a suicide by a gunshot wound, but apparently there was no gun found near the man at all.

There was a gun found in a gun case with ammo in Mark Middleton’s vehicle, but there was no gun near Middleton at the supposed time of death.

What’s particularly interesting about Mark Middleton is that he has ties to both the Clintons and Jeffrey Epstein.

Middleton, himself, allowed Epstein to visit the White House seven times out of the seventeen times Epstein visited the White House.

Additionally, he has reportedly been on Epstein’s personal jet that Clinton has been on as well.

Middleton eventually left working for the Clintons in the mid 1990s, and it later came out that his high-level executive branch access was revoked because of his attempts to become a sort of “international dealmaker.”

Jeffrey Epstein is also known as being a sort of “billionaire deal maker” that was always involved with the most elite individuals of society in ominous capacities.

Obviously, Mark Middleton’s death could very well have just been a sad suicide, but knowing how much other weird stuff has been going on surrounding the Epstein case and the Clintons, it’s certainly reasonable to be skeptical.

Often-times, where there’s smoke there’s fire, and there’s a ton of smoke surrounding the Clintons right now.

Some say that’s why we’re seeing individuals mysteriously pass away, and it all started with getting Epstein out of the picture first.

Stay tuned to the DC Daily Journal.

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