The Supreme Court handed down a ruling that left Trump utterly stunned

Donald Trump

Donald Trump’s three Supreme Court picks completely flipped the balance of the High Court. They’ve already made their presence felt with their decisions.

But now the Supreme Court has handed down a ruling that left Trump utterly stunned.

When Donald Trump nominated and saw Amy Coney Barrett confirmed to the Supreme Court bench, it set off a political firestorm on the part of the Radical Left.

They became so unhinged and even lobbed threats towards Neil Gorsuch, Brett Kavanaugh, and Amy Coney Barrett for taking their role on the bench.

And largely, these three picks have been much better than other supposedly conservative Justices like John Roberts.

In fact, if it weren’t for Trump’s three picks, Roe v. Wade probably wouldn’t have been effectively overturned by the Dobbs decision.

But it hasn’t been all flowers in the eyes of conservatives for the three newest conservative Justices.

They’ve parted from their traditional constitutionalist jurisprudence a handful of times.

The latest major case of that came in the form of the 6-3 Court rejecting a case that might’ve seemed up the alley of Thomas, Gorsuch, Kavanaugh, and Barrett.

The U.S. Supreme Court rejected hearing a case from the Catholics for Life group that sought guidance from the Supreme Court on whether babies in the womb had constitutional rights in a challenge to a Rhode Island law that codified abortion rights.

But the High Court has rejected the case without comment and it’s unsure what each of the Justice’s opinions were on their decision to not hear the case.

But it is likely that most if not all of the bench agreed not to hear the case if they chose not to comment.

The aftermath of the Dobbs ruling being what it is, it’s odd the Court wouldn’t take this case at all.

While the Dobbs case certainly righted the wrong that was the woefully decided Roe v. Wade ruling from 1972, it has left questions unanswered in the judicial world regarding abortion.

One of those is when constitutional rights kick in for babies and how that relates to abortion.

The radical Left, of course, does not want these cases to be heard because, with each decade passing, science is humanizing the reality of babies in the womb.

Decades in the past, we did not know that heartbeats began at as young as 6 weeks in the womb. And we didn’t know that all the makeup for a unique DNA footprint was present within the first week of pregnancy.

So the reality is that there’s not much of a scientific argument that babies in the womb shouldn’t be protected by the constitution and the law just like anyone else.

Probably the most basic function of the constitution is to ensure the right to life for all Americans, as it’s endowed by our Creator.

The logic follows that all babies in the womb should be protected by that same constitution and by the same rights.

Sadly and ironically, as much as the Left wants to claim to be the Party of “science and reason”, they refuse to see the truth, logic, facts, and science behind protecting babies in the womb.

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