These DOJ emails have Joe Biden in a world of trouble

Joe Biden

Joe Biden says he had nothing to do with the Mar-a-Lago raid. But we now know that’s not true.

Because these declassified DOJ emails have Joe Biden in a world of trouble.

Back when Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate was raided by the FBI and the DOJ in August of 2022, the Biden administration was quick to say they had nothing to do with it.

They said the DOJ independently reached the conclusions they did and operated with the FBI to raid Donald Trump’s residence without any consultation from the White House.

Many Americans felt that it was impossible that the Joe Biden White House had absolutely nothing to do with the raid due to how politically charged the whole spectacle has become.

New evidence suggests that Joe Biden was lying all along.

The non-profit organization America First Legal during an investigation they’ve been conducting on the Mar-a-Lago raid has produced documents that show that the FBI received records from the Biden White House on the behalf of the Department of Justice.

A “special access request” was apparently submitted to the White House for the purposes of the incoming raid on August 8.

One email in particular notes that National Archives and Record Administration officials had emailed Trump lawyers to inform them that “the Justice Department, via the White House, had made the request.”

This would implicate the White House as the crux of the whole FBI raid.

If this is true, it would be extremely hard for the White House to continue to claim that they were “surprised” by the raid when it took place.

The America First Legal team argued that the Biden White House is actually the puppeteer at play here, pulling the strings to make their political weaponization of the federal government happen.

It “appears that the Biden White House and DOJ coordinated to obtain the Trump records and perhaps create a pretext for the law enforcement raid by way of a ‘special access request,'” the AFL said in a statement.

The AFL says that it’s not the job of the White House to be working with the DOJ to produce documents for criminal investigations and upcoming potential raids.

The special access statute authorizes special access requests to an incumbent president only when the records in question are needed for “the conduct of current business” of the White House. Providing documents to the DOJ for purposes of a criminal investigation is not the “current business” of the White House.

These documents indicate that the White House has been lying about their involvement in the Mar-a-Lago raid for months and even misled Congress intentionally.

House Republicans are sure to take into account this new information with regards to their investigations into the Biden White House for the weaponization of the Federal Government.

It’s certainly looking like there’s a good case to be made that Biden could actually be impeached for not only using the DOJ and FBI to attack political enemies, but also lying about it intentionally.

What goes around, comes around, right?

Stay tuned to the DC Daily Journal.

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