This U.S. Senator just took Joe Biden’s job

Joe Biden simply isn’t fit for office anymore. This was bound to happen sooner or later.

And this U.S. Senator just took Joe Biden’s job with a jaw-dropping move.

Over the past ten years, China’s ownership of agricultural land in the US has grown significantly.

Chinese entities possessed more than 338,000 acres of land at the end of 2020, an increase of 350% from the 75,000 acres they did at the end of 2010.

Furthermore, Fox News projected that as of the end of 2021, China had acquired close to 1% of all foreign-owned agricultural land in the United States.

And they continue to expand their collection.

The Chinese Community Party may wish to possess vast tracts of rural land in the United States for a variety of reasons, including preventing Americans from owning their own farms or ranches.

Also, the majority of the land that China is purchasing is close to military installations.

Fufeng Group, a Chinese business, paid $2.6 million last year for 300 acres of land in North Dakota.

According to the Fufeng Group, they propose to build a milling facility on the property.

The 300 acres are, however, coincidentally close to a North Dakota Air Force base.

And more instances like these are emerging all around the nation.

Joe Biden, the president, doesn’t seem to realize how serious this issue is.

Josh Hawley, a Missouri senator who supports America First, is acting to address the issue.

Hawley presented the This Land is Our Land Act, which would forbid members of the Chinese Communist Party and corporations from holding agricultural land in the United States.

“No Chinese corporation or individual associated with the CCP should be permitted to own American farmland,”Hawley said. “It undermines the integrity of our nation’s food supply chain, it presents national security threats when the land is in close proximity to military installations, and it hurts American farmers.”

The CCP wouldn’t be able to buy rural land in the future thanks to Hawley’s plan, which also addresses the issue from the past.

According to the This Land is Our Land Act, Chinese organizations and people connected to the Chinese Communist Party would have to give up their ownership of agricultural land in the United States within two years.

It would also impose civil fines and criminal consequences for disobedience, such as confiscation of land, if passed and signed into law.

Hawley has been considering this issue for some time.

“What is abundantly clear after Biden’s Chinese spying debacle is that no Chinese corporation should be permitted to own American farmland,” Hawley said on Twitter recently. “I’m introducing legislation to stop it. Protect American farmers.”

The Our Land is Our Land Act, however, shows that Hawley did more than merely tweet about it.

President Joseph Biden lacks the guts to take action like he is doing in this situation.

Stay tuned to the DC Daily Journal.

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