This video could end Ron DeSantis’s political career

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has been flying high. Most everyone expects him to coast to victory this November and is a shoe-in for a future Republican U.S. President.

But that all could come crumbling down. Because this video could end Ron DeSantis’ political career.

Ron DeSantis truly doesn’t care how many enemies he’s making as long as he’s doing the right thing. We could use more conservatives like him in office.

A prime example of this was DeSantis giving the former State Attorney Andrew Warren the axe for failing to uphold the state’s laws on critical issues like abortion and dangerous sex change surgeries being performed on minors.

It was a no-brainer to get rid of a state official who refused to uphold law and order, as DeSantis pointed out multiple times in his press conference announcement.

But if there’s anything we know about the radical Left, it’s that they are the sorest of political losers.

The latest sore loser on the Left is Andrew Warren himself, who is now suing Ron DeSantis for suspending him from office.

Andrew Warren claims that Ron DeSantis violated his First Amendment right to share his opinion on issues like abortion.

He also claims that DeSantis violated the Florida state constitution by removing Warren from office “without any legal justification.”

Anyone with half of a brain knows those two claims are bologna.

Ron DeSantis did not in any way prevent Andrew Warren from exercising his First Amendment rights to free speech. That simply never happened.

The Florida Governor suspended Warren for literally admitting that he would not prosecute based on existing Florida law on abortion and transgender sex changes for minors.

That is plenty of legal justification to suspend Warren, just as DeSantis did.

In fact, it would be in violation of the state constitution for the head of the state executive office to ignore any officials who are throwing out law and order for the sake of their own political benefit.

Andrew Warren is yet another Lefty loser who is just trying to get his day in the sun.

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