Three words hit Joe Biden’s desk that mean game over

The jig is up for President Biden. His mistakes are finally coming back to haunt him.

And now three words have hit Joe Biden’s desk that mean game over.

Back in 2022 when Russia officially launched their full invasion into Ukraine, the support for Ukraine defending themselves was high. Meaning, the idea of helping Ukrainians was a no brainer for many.

All sorts of humanitarian efforts were launched to support the Ukrainian people during their time of need, which was great to see.

The problem is that the officials in the U.S. federal government are confusing supporting the Ukrainian people with waging a proxy war with the Russian military.

For more than a year and a half now, the American taxpayer has been the number one financer of the Ukraine-Russia war. Billions upon billions of dollars have been spent on military equipment making their way to Ukraine to be used in the war effort.

Despite what the Joe Biden administration officials have been saying, there’s been no sign of the war slowing down whatsoever. The American public keeps being told by the Democrats in power that we just need to support Ukraine “a little bit longer” because Russia will soon give up their efforts.

That simply hasn’t been the case. And now, the latest military reports out of Ukraine look extremely dire for the Ukraine people and spell doom for anyone hoping that the American taxpayer could stop bankrolling this war. In fact, it even indicates that Ukraine has a major loss on the way.

Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky recently shared with American media outlet CNN that the war will have “no happy end” and implied that the counteroffensive that they launched against the Russians earlier this year is not doing as well as they would have hoped.

“All of us want to have success and a happy end,” Zelensky said to CNN this weekend. “It’s about counteroffensive. It’s not a movie with the happy end,” he added.

Then he laid it on thick, saying “We will not have a happy end. We lost a lot of people. No happy end.”

Oddly, Zelensky proceeded to almost lecture the United States as if we haven’t done enough to support Ukraine’s defensive effort against Russian invasion of their land. He did say that he was “thankful” to the U.S. but said that Ukrainian allies “waited too long.”

This is despite the Biden administration even going so far as to deliver F-16 fighter jets and training the Ukrainian pilots on them as well.

“Look, we waited too long. It’s true. No, I’m thankful to partners, to the United States, other partners. I’m thankful very much to President Biden and to Congress, but we have to understand, we waited too long.”

As of right now, Joe Biden and Zelensky are allegedly in talks for even more military support, paid for by the American taxpayer, to make its way to the war front, specifically long-range missiles for their army.

“What we need long-distance weapons systems, long-distance artillery rounds, systems, etc. Everybody speaks about ATACMS. It’s very important,” Zelensky claimed. “I hope and I will speak with President Biden,” he added.

Of course, what this really tells us is that the Ukrainians are struggling to keep up in the war. Their counteroffensives have been largely ineffective so far, leaving Russia more time to dig their heels into the ground.

None of this is the fault of the United States or any other ally of the Ukrainians. The American people have been far more than generous in bankrolling this war with a blank check at every corner.

Meanwhile, Russia’s Vladimir Putin is getting away with what he wants. He wants this war to go on as long as it can because the longer it goes on, the more likely he is to end up with a large section of Ukraine.

In fact, it may already be too late by the sound of it. The most reasonable next step is to seek a peaceful end to the war. Though, the warmongers in Washington, D.C. wouldn’t like that very much now would they?

Stay tuned to the DC Daily Journal.

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