Tucker Carlson shares tragic personal news

Carlson has been the voice of conservatives in the media for years. Our hearts go out to him.

And Tucker Carlson just shared tragic personal news.

Everyone knows that Tucker Carlson and Fox News had a major falling out.

The details of it all are hazy, but many suspect that it had something to do with Carlson’s refusal to censor his opinions.

In the days leading up to his forced departure, Carlson was highlighting January 6th footage that he was given from Congressional Republicans.

Now we’re learning that this could have been the catalyst for his firing.

During a recent guest visit on the Stay Free podcast, former Fox News personality Tucker Carlson made a big bombshell, informing program host Russell Brand that the throng outside the US Capitol on the day of the riots on January 6, 2021 was “filled with federal agents.”

On Friday’s episode of Timcast IRL, American journalist Tim Pool examined the revelation, saying that Carlson did an interview with former US Capitol Police Steven Sund, who was sacked by then-House Speaker Nancy Pelosi shortly after the Capitol protests.

In a clip of his appearance with Brand, Carlson recounted, “I never thought there was a false flag or anything like that, I’m not a conspiracist by temperament. I never thought that.”

He went on to say that during an interview with Sund, the former US Capitol police chief claimed, “that crap was filled with federal agents.”

“He would know of course, because he was in charge of security at the site,” Carlson observed.

Speaking of firings, Carlson said that his conversation with now-former police chief Sund was never broadcast since it took place around the same time he was fired by Fox News.

Pool and show guest James Klug both agreed that many Americans had previously predicted that the US government was up to no good on that fateful day, and that numerous revelations since have largely proven those suppositions to be correct.

“The scary thing I suppose is, it’s it’s trickling in drops at a time,” noted Pool. He continued, “The reason why I say it’s scary is that it’s coming out only in slow droplets to the point where people don’t care because not a bombshell.”

Klug concurred, adding, “yeah, just drop this many 1000 stories over the next handful years and like you said, not a big bombshell. I think for the General … population as well, they don’t grab on to the little tiny hints and clues here and there. They really grab on to major bombshells.”

Pool seemingly alluded to the gaslighting of the media surrounding narratives it may push, telling Klug and others on the show, “First they’ll say… ‘it wasn’t happening, you’re lying.’ Now we have more information, it was, then they’re gonna say, ‘Oh, well, you’re exaggerating,’ And then it’ll be a good thing by next year.”

“That’s how the cycle goes,” he continued, adding that in short order, people will finally say, “Oh, yeah, it happened.” Yeah, it was a really good thing that it did because they caught those evil people.”

Stay tuned to the DC Daily Journal.

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