Vivek Ramaswamy revealed one fact on Fox News that has Biden shaking in fear

Vivek may be a newcomer to American politics, but he’s made a big splash in the race. He’s made Biden public enemy number one.

And Vivek Ramaswamy revealed one fact on Fox News that has Biden shaking in fear.

The Bidens have gotten away with a lot in their decades of wielding power.

Joe Biden has used his political influence to protect his family from legal prosecution, even bribing foreign governments to intervene.

He’s accepted money from his son Hunter’s “business ventures” in China, and has been in close contact with the Chinese Communist Party’s officials.

And throughout all of this, he has pretended that nothing is wrong. The ship isn’t sinking and he’s completely innocent.

But nothing could be further from the truth, and Congressional Republicans are sniffing like bloodhounds for any piece of evidence that can be used against him.

With so many issues and an important election coming up, the Democrat Party may be eying someone younger who has less baggage.

The last thing they want to see is Trump back in office, so they’ll throw out the entire playbook if it means stopping that.

And one Republican has the guts to admit that no one – not even Democrats – want Biden to continue.

Vivek Ramaswamy, a businessman and Republican presidential contender, dubbed Hunter Biden’s indictment on gun charges on Thursday a “smokescreen.”

“Don’t fall for it,” Ramaswamy wrote on X, the network that replaced Twitter.

“This is a fig leaf designed to deflect attention away from the real problem: the Biden family is selling out U.S. foreign policy for their own family’s private financial gain. That’s really what’s wrong, and we must hold politicians in both major political parties when they use our foreign policy to enrich their family members.”

Prosecutors in Delaware have charged President Biden’s son with three gun-related offenses.

According to court documents, the younger Biden is charged with two counts: failing to declare drug use while acquiring a weapon and unlawful possession of a handgun when addicted to a controlled substance.

Ramaswamy also commented on Speaker Kevin McCarthy’s (R-Calif.) recent directive to House committees to launch a formal impeachment investigation of the president based on House Republican investigations into the Biden family’s international business connections and Hunter’s prosecution.

“The impeachment inquiry initiated by the House against President Biden is a step in the right direction, but the public shouldn’t fall for the trick of diverting attention away from the true problem,” Ramaswamy said in the X post.

“It’s also no accident that today’s indictment comes at a moment when President Biden’s own popularity within the Democratic Party is cratering.”

“I predict this is the first step for the Democrat Party managerial class to pressure Joe Biden out of the race,” Ramaswamy continued.

“Biden will become a sacrificial pawn in service to the deep state that wants to keep power at all costs.”

Stay tuned to the DC Daily Journal.

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