What an Obama official just admitted about Biden is insane

Joe Biden

President Biden has just recently announced his re-election campaign. But he’s got a major problem on his hands.

Because an Obama official just admitted something insane about Joe Biden.

John Brennan, a former director of the CIA, has acknowledged that a notorious letter, signed by 51 former intel officers, seeking to undermine information found on Hunter Biden’s laptop, “was political.”

According to Fox News, Brennan, the CIA director under Obama, said during a four-hour closed-door testimony that the document, which erroneously claimed that messages on Hunter Biden’s laptop were Russian misinformation, was ‘political’ to the House Judiciary Committee investigators.

Brennan’s deposition follows on the heels of James Clapper, the former director of national intelligence, who is scheduled to testify on May 17.

In a letter signed by 51 former intelligence officers, Brennan and Clapper stated that Hunter’s laptop bore “all the classic earmarks of a Russian information operation.”

According to an email, Brennan gave the then-acting CIA Director Mike Morell permission to add his name to the letter of signatories.

Explicit pictures of the disturbed Hunter Biden naked, with prostitutes, and using drugs were found on his laptop, along with numerous communications between the 53-year-old and his father.

The news is shocking. The House Judiciary Committee claims that the 51 signatures on the letter were obtained as part of a “political operation to help elect” Joe Biden in November 2022. According to a Republican report, the CIA was directly involved in obtaining those signatures.

It claims that a CIA employee “may have helped in the effort to solicit signatures for the statement” and accuses Mike Morell, a former Deputy Director of the CIA and the Acting Director of the CIA, as well as the Biden campaign, of plotting to hasten the approval of the letter.

According to the House investigation report, former CIA analyst David Cariens, who signed the statement, “disclosed to the Committees that a CIA employee affiliated with the agency’s Prepublication Classification Review Board (PCRB) informed him of the existence of the statement and asked him if he would sign it.”

Cariens allegedly ‘requested’ the CIA employee to sign the statement, and Cariens complied.

The report continues, “The Committees have requested additional material from the CIA, which to date has ignored the request.”

It happened after Morell acknowledged to the House Judiciary Committee last month that he was requested to coordinate the letter by Secretary of State Anthony Blinken, who at the time was a key figure in Biden’s campaign.

According to Morrell, Blinken instructed him to convince former intelligence officials that the laptop appeared to be part of a smear effort.

In order to have the letter authorized, Morell allegedly emailed the CIA’s Prepublication Classification Review the letter’s final draft on October 19, 2020, referring to it as a “rush job.”

In one email obtained by the New York Post, Morell asks Brennan to sign the letter along with him. Brennan replies through email and states that he will sign the document.

Clapper also sent an email to Morrell on October 18 indicating his desire to sign the letter, according to correspondence cited in the report.

He and four other former CIA directors, including John Brennan and Leon Panetta, were among the last 51 former intelligence officials to sign the letter.

Five days after The New York Post’s initial story on the laptop’s contents, Politico released the letter.

As evidence that he believed the news around his son’s misplaced laptop was the product of Russia, Joe Biden cited the letter at the debate against Donald Trump on October 22.

At the time, Hunter Biden’s laptop was attacked by Biden and his team using the message as evidence of a “Russian disinformation campaign.”

Just a few days after it was published, on October 22, 2020, the then-candidate for president used it in a debate with President Trump to detract attention from his son’s allegedly corrupt international influence-peddling operations.

The Biden campaign’s quick response director at the time, Andrew Bates, was a recipient of emails from Shapiro on the effort to get the letter out to the media. Bates is now the deputy press secretary for the White House.

Blinken received a letter last week from House Judiciary Chair Jim Jordan and House Intelligence Committee Chair Mike Turner informing him that they were reviewing the letter.

Stay tuned to the DC Daily Journal.

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