White House doctor sounds the alarm about Joe Biden’s health

Joe Biden’s fitness has been a problem. His constant gaffes have Americans concerned.

But this White House doctor has officially sounded the alarm about Joe Biden’s health.

Concerns about President Joseph Biden’s mental health are being raised by a former White House physician.

Ronny Jackson, who served as the White House doctor under both Barack Obama and Donald Trump and is presently the congressman for Texas’s 13th congressional district, issued a severe and scary warning on Twitter on Saturday regarding Biden’s cognitive fitness for office.

The fact that Biden is our commander in chief, according to Jackson, is “TERRIFYING for our country.”

“He doesn’t know where he’s at half the time, and every day he brings us closer to an all-out war with Russia & China. His cognitive decline is going to get people KILLED!!”

We’re dealing with a former White House doctor, who we assume is one of the top doctors in the country, claiming that Biden’s cognitive impairment is dangerous enough to cause harm to American citizens.

Jackson is not the first medical professional in the nation to raise concerns about Biden’s mental health; there have been many of them ever since he was elected president.

Tanveer Ahmed, a psychiatrist, informed Andrew Bolt of Sky News Australia in the summer of 2021 that Biden was exhibiting multiple indicators of dementia, and that his condition was only going to worsen over time.

Prior to serving in Congress, Republican Rep. Scott DesJarlais of Tennessee, who previously worked as a doctor, urged that the White House provide more information about Biden’s mental health and that he take a cognitive test.

It is becoming more and more difficult to contest the truth that Biden suffers from major cognitive problems. He consistently stumbles over his words or makes some type of embarrassing error during speeches, it seems.

During speeches, there have also been times where Biden has forgotten the names of those who are sitting right next to him.

While many of these sound amusing when considered individually, Jackson is entirely correct that when considered together, these speak to a real threat to the safety and security of the American people, particularly in light of recent global events.

Due to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, we are on the verge of entering World War III. At the same time, China is acting increasingly aggressively towards Taiwan and committing espionage against the United States.

All indications indicate that Biden won’t be able to manage it if conflict breaks out.

You only need to look at the disastrous pullout from Afghanistan to get proof that this will genuinely put people in risk.

Indeed, Americans are at risk because of Biden’s declining cognitive function. It sends a message to our adversaries that we are a helpless nation and encourages them to behave aggressively against us, endangering our security.

Biden should definitely take a cognitive test now. Our nation may face calamity if he keeps acting in this manner.

We have repeatedly seen that Biden is simply not the kind of strong, decisive leader the American people deserve—a leader who is both mentally and physically capable of taking charge.

Do you trust Joe Biden as the commander-in-chief with control over the nuclear codes? We don’t either.

Stay tuned to the DC Daily Journal.

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