You won’t believe what disgusting act Biden just used the White House for

Democrats have no shame. And Joe Biden is the worst among them.

And you won’t believe what disgusting act Biden just used the White House for.

According to a story, President Biden was warned last year to keep his top donors out of the Oval Office due to concerns that exclusive tours of his workstation would violate federal law.

The warning came from the White House Counsel’s office, and Biden, 81, has since ceased granting his benefactors access to the Oval Office — though he continues to dine and converse with them in other areas within the Executive Mansion, according to Axios.

“It is typical for any president, regardless of party, to host supporters at the White House complex, which is both a working office as well as a personal residence,” White House deputy press secretary Andrew Bates told the outlet.

“President Biden and his team take all rules concerning the White House and re-elections seriously, and we’re proud of that,” he added.

The Hatch Act, passed in 1939, bars executive branch personnel from using “official authority or influence for the purpose of interfering with or affecting the result of an election” and from fundraising in federal premises.

However, the president and vice president are excluded from the statute.

According to the Washington Post, Biden has held around a half-dozen private gatherings with groups of donors and supporters since his re-election campaign was formally launched in April.

The private lunches and dinners, held by entertainment billionaire and Biden campaign co-chair Jeffrey Katzenberg, try to reassure contributors about the president’s re-election prospects amid concerns about his age and stamina, according to the site.

The White House Counsel’s office has limited the gatherings to the White House map room, the old family dining room, and the tennis-court pavilion – non-official workspaces — and contributors are not requested to give to the campaign during their visit to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Since the president assumed office, at least four Biden administration officials, including White House communications secretary Karine Jean-Pierre and former chief of staff Ron Klain, have been found to have violated the Hatch Act.

And conservatives around the country have called out the hypocrisy.

You see that’s the MO of the Democrat Party, rules for thee but not for me.

And it wouldn’t be so awful if they actually were getting anything done in the mean time.

But instead, inflation is still hovering at high levels…

The southern border is a complete mess, with illegal immigrants invading every day…

And his son, Hunter, is making a mockery of the legal system in this country.

Stay tuned to the DC Daily Journal.

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