You won’t believe who this unhinged Democrat compared conservatives to on 9/11

Dean Obeidallah

The radical Left is going off the rails. They hate any American who doesn’t spout the party line and stay in line.

And you won’t believe who this unhinged Democrat compared conservatives to on 9/11.

The Democrat Party has been demonizing conservatives for decades, but it’s gotten so much worse in the past year.

Joe Biden has spearheaded labeling anyone who supports Donald Trump and his American First policies as “extremists.” They hate America and anyone who stands up for her founding principles.

And this snowballing is only getting worse with their most recent attack.

This past weekend, on the 21st anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, CNN contributor Dean Obeidallah slandered Trump and MAGA Republicans as “terrorists.”

“Terrorists are terrorists – be they Bin Laden’s Al Qaeda or Trump’s MAGA. Time to hold Trump accountable!!,” he tweeted.

Then he went on to characterize Donald Trump as equal to or worse than Osama Bin Laden.

“Take a moment and imagine if, after 9/11, Bin Laden were allowed to freely travel America, spewing lies in an effort to radicalize more people to commit violence in his name?! Well, that is EXACTLY what Donald Trump has been doing since Jan 6. Time to Arrest Trump!!,” he continued.

But worst of all, he downplayed the actual 9/11 tragedies in comparison to Trump.

“There’s no comparison between 9/11 and Jan 6 in terms of loss of life. But Jan 6 was far more dangerous to our nation in that it was Americans who waged the attack after being radicalized by Donald Trump,” he claimed.

He then made his contempt for conservatives unmistakable, saying “At this point I LITERALLY view people who still support Donald Trump no different than the despicable, vile people who supported Bin Laden after 9/11.”

Shockingly, he went on to say Donald Trump needs to be brought to justice like Osama Bin Laden was. If you forgot, Osama Bin Laden was shot in the head by Navy SEALs in a clandestine raid of his compound in Pakistan.

Well, Trump has already been raided by the FBI, but I guess Obeidallah wants blood, too.

This is just what you would expect from the radical Left. In one breath they are crying about the demise of democracy, and on the other, they are demonizing one-half of the country as equal to Islamic terrorists, all while implying their political opponent should be executed.

Of course, you won’t see this story on major media outlets. They’ll happily run cover for their political pals if it means bringing America to its knees.

Stay tuned to DC Daily Journal.

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