You’ll be fuming when you see the Left’s leaked plan for America

Trans Youth

The Democrats are scheming on how to transform America into their idea of utopia. But they might not get the chance after this.

Because you’ll be fuming when you see the Left’s leaked plan for America.

Democrats have spent the past couple of decades laying the groundwork for their takeover of every institution in the nation.

For the most part, they’ve succeeded. The FBI is targeting conservatives with SWAT raids of pro-lifers like Mark Houck and political opponents like Donald Trump.

Schools are peddling Critical Race Theory, teaching children to hate themselves if they’re white or demand reparations if they’re black.

But nowhere have they more significantly changed the culture than in the realm of sexuality.

Just over ten years ago, leading Democrats like President Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton were declaring that marriage was defined as a union between one man and one woman.

Now, the party has shifted its stance to even encompass sex changes and hormone replacement for children.

In many cases, government tax dollars sent to places like Planned Parenthood help finance these expensive and experimental surgeries and drugs for the youth of America.

Recently, parents have been crying foul. They don’t want major institutions like teachers and medical doctors telling them their kid needs to remove their God-given genitalia to feel normal.

And one organization is already combatting parental dissent with a plan they’re sending to doctors across the country.

The Fenway Institute, a pro-trans medical organization, has been found to be providing a guide to doctors entitled “Engaging the Families of Transgender and Gender Diverse Children.”

As Breitbart reports, the guide listed ways to convince parents to get on board with their child’s supposed gender transition.

One section of the guide listed “potential signs that a family needs additional help and resources to come to accept and support their child’s gender diversity.”

These signs could include, “Referring to the child’s gender diverse identity as ‘a phase,’ “Inconsistent name/pronoun use,” and “Using incorrect gendered words like ‘son’ or ‘daughter.”

The guide even directly poses the question to doctors: “What if families doubt that their child is gender diverse?”

The answer is to give lip service and tell them they’re wrong. Or as they say, “Validate their concern and then explain that gender identity is internal to a person; therefore, it is not possible for others to determine someone else’s gender identity. Only the individual can do that.”

The guide also tells doctors to tell kids that they will affirm the child’s new identity without the parents present.

Even worse, the document encourages children to participate in QChat Space, a private online chatting program where children talk about everything from sexuality to transgenderism and witchcraft – usually without parental supervision.

This is the America the Left wants. One where parents’ rights are cast aside to satisfy the ego of political radicals and line the pockets of those who profit from experimental surgeries.

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