AOC made this mind-numbing statement that has a major Republican seeing red

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is not known for her brains. Even some of her fellow Democrats know this.

And AOC made this mind-numbing statement that has a major Republican seeing red.

During the Trump presidency, Congresswoman Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) was more than willing to call the President out for his failures at the southern border.

This included a trip to Texas for a photo opportunity in front of a migrant facility where she feigned grief over migrant children being held in cages.

Despite the same thing happening under President Joe Biden, AOC has yet to visit the southern border for an insincere photo op.

However, AOC did mention that “immigration is arguably the [Biden] Administration’s weakest issue.”

Even though she noted Biden’s failures on immigration, she still decided to go after Republicans as the main reason why there’s such a large illegal immigration influx in America.

In an interview on Face the Nation with Margaret Brennan, Ocasio-Cortez noted that Donald Trump “dramatically inflamed” the immigration crisis.

Democrats still obsess over using former President Trump as a scapegoat for all of their current problems.

But AOC wasn’t done putting the blame on the GOP, this time on U.S. Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL).

“I think we also need to examine the root of this problem, because if we are constantly engaging in foreign policy that drives people to our southern border in this specific instance, U.S. sanctions that were originally authored by Marco Rubio began and precipitated certainly took a large part in the driving of populations to our southern border shortly after those sanctions, those broad-based sanctions…we started seeing dramatic increases in these populations that were coming to our southern border,” the Congresswoman said.

“And so we have to address the root of these population movements and the migration crisis. And we have to also have to address the domestic U.S. policy issues when it comes to immigration reform.”

AOC also denied that illegal aliens are coming to the United States in large masses because Democrats are basically allowing them to come work without consequences.

And when asked if she and Joe Biden should go visit the southern border, she refused to answer.

This is a typical play in the radical Leftist playbook that Ocasio-Cortez is exhibiting.

Crisises in this country are never the fault of Democrats, but instead Republicans.

But because of Biden’s immigration policy of basically having open borders, the U.S. is experiencing one of the worst illegal immigration problems ever in this country’s history.

In the meantime, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez will continue to ignore the shortcomings of the Democrat party on immigration and instead push the blame on Republicans who are actually looking for real solutions.

Stay tuned to the DC Daily Journal.

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