Court documents expose this horrible crime Biden’s committing at the border

Joe Biden isn’t just ignoring the southern border crisis. He’s making it worse.

Because court documents have exposed this horrible crime Biden is committing at the border.

According to recently released court records, Border Patrol officials split up some immigrant families this past summer season, an action previously condemned by President Joe Biden as “abhorrent” during the Trump administration’s tenure.

Dr. Paul Wise, the pediatrician appointed by the Biden administration to oversee the health and safety of migrant children in the care of U.S. Customs and Border Protection, reported on Friday that he had found children as young as 8 to have been separated from their parents.

Wise warned that the separations, which were carried out primarily to alleviate crowding in temporary holding facilities, could have long-lasting effects on children.

According to Wise’s court filing, “Interviews with parents and children found that there was minimal or no opportunities for phone contact or direct interaction between parent and child. The separation of families and the lack of interaction while in custody do significant, and potentially lasting, harm to children, particularly younger children.”

According to Wise, who has been following the cases of immigrant children for the past 40 years, the youngsters who have been separated from their families are significantly younger than those in previous years. The complaint claims that in some incidents this summer, the children involved were younger than 8 years old.

If Border Patrol officials determined that the chambers with their families inside were overly full, the children would be moved to chambers containing other minors for a period of three to four days.

Despite Biden’s previous condemnation of the program, an unnamed Border Patrol officer told NBC News that the practice is likely still happening. It is unclear what number of migrant families have been divided under Biden’s presidency.

Before becoming president, Biden spoke out against Trump’s family separation policy for illegal immigrants.

“A policy that separates young children from their parents isn’t a ‘deterrent.’ It’s unconscionable,” Biden stated in a post on Facebook back in 2018, condemning the Trump administration. “A policy that traumatizes children isn’t a bargaining chip. It’s abhorrent. And a President and an administration that continues this policy isn’t protecting our border and our people. It threatens to make us a pariah in the world.”

In June, lawyers for Trump’s administration defended the program in court, saying that separating migrant families was justified by “perceived humanitarian considerations.”

This is a prime example of how the Democrats want to talk the talk about being “humanitarian” and kind to those who are going through tough times, but they never want to walk the walk.

The most humanitarian thing to do would be to address the outrageous and out of control illegal immigration issue that continues to plague the southern border with Mexico. Without addressing that flow first, addressing any other issue will just be trying to plug a hole when yet another one will be made.

Regardless of what one thinks about children being separated from their parents at the southern border, the reality is that the Democrats are being extremely hypocritical when they call Trump a “racist” and then turn around and do the very same thing.

Earlier this year, there was a report from AP that alleged that there were north of 1,000 children that the Biden administration was trying to unite with their parents and families.

Donald Trump certainly was no saint. And his administration wasn’t perfect. But you can’t argue against the reality that he was actually trying to reform the immigration system to get it under control.

The Democrats blasted him 24/7 for the four years he was in office for his southern border policies, and yet they are now doing the same thing. Talk about pure hypocrisy right?

It almost feels like the Democrats don’t want anything to change on the southern border at all. Some suggest that they want illegal immigrants to pour in and eventually become voters after amnesty measures are passed.

We’ll leave that up to you to decide what you think about that before we get tracked down by the Big Tech overlords who can’t stand an opinion that doesn’t link up with the “narrative.”

Stay tuned to the DC Daily Journal.

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