Joe Biden handed Trump a win that took all of Washington by surprise

Americans just might see a rematch of the 2020 election in 2024. If so, Trump already has a leg up on Biden.

Because Joe Biden handed Trump a win that took all of Washington, D.C. by surprise.

President Joe Biden has left the southern border in utter disarray.

He overturned former President Donald Trump’s effective border security measures, causing the biggest border crisis in American history.

The invasion of unauthorized immigrants and the flow of deadly substances like fentanyl across the porous southern border are wreaking havoc on the nation.

Biden is doing a number of actions that are merely window dressing in an effort to appear as like he is taking the border crisis seriously because he is aware of the political harm it is doing to him.

Huge challenges for the President are being concealed by this fictitious worry.

The border issue is already a nightmare, and the Biden administration’s policies have the potential to make matters far worse.

On May 11, Title 42 is scheduled to expire, which might result in chaos at the border.

Title 42 is a public health law that Trump utilized during the outbreak to provide federal authorities the power to swiftly deport illegal immigrants to safeguard the nation from the virus.

The strategy was the last significant, effective border security mechanism that the Trump administration has in place.

Title 42 has been utilized to deport approximately two million illegal immigrants since April 2020, which is more than Philadelphia’s entire population.

Troy Miller, the acting commissioner of U.S. Customs and Border Protection, warned Congress that after the program expires, there will be twice as many illegal immigrants attempting to cross every day.

Agents of the Border Patrol will no longer be able to stop illegal immigrants from crossing the border.

In anticipation of what is expected to be a historically large influx of illegal immigration, illegal aliens are already awaiting in border communities.

The Biden administration will exacerbate the Border Patrol’s already dire predicament of being overworked.

The President’s proposed budget for Fiscal Year 2024 calls for a decrease in CBP’s (Customs and Border Protection) funding from the previous year.

The agency’s proposed budget will be reduced by around $1.3 billion, or 7.5%.

After Title 42 expires, the CBP will not only have to cope with a surge, but they might also have fewer resources to do so.

A $63 million cut to CBP’s payroll will put more strain on the already overworked Border Patrol agents.

“The President’s fundamentally unserious budget request are made harder for agents and officers,” said U.S. Representative John Rutherford (R-FL) about the cuts.

Rutherford also said that the Biden administration is effectively cutting the CBP during a time of crisis when it needs resources the most.

One of Donald Trump’s defining topics, border security, contributed to his victory in 2016.

If the border crisis worsens, the 2024 presidential election would feature the topic prominently.

Trump now has a powerful tool to use against Joe Biden throughout the election campaign thanks to his failed border policies.

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