President Biden nearly passed out when he got this letter from Congress

The buzz for impeachment of the Biden administration is getting louder. Now it’s reached a head.

Because President Biden nearly passed out when he got this letter from Congress.

The Democrats likely did not know what they were doing when they decided to impeach former President Donald Trump, twice, for dubious reasons.

Simply put, there was never a legitimate reason to impeach Donald Trump and it was never going to get enough support in the U.S. Senate to make impeachment a reality.

But that wasn’t the game the Democrats were playing. They were trying to stain Donald Trump as much as possible because they wanted him out of office, no matter the cost.

But that cost is coming back to bite them now that they’ve opened pandora’s box of impeachment articles.

A number of Republicans in the U.S. House are trying to get the party in unity on the potential of bringing impeachment articles against some members of the Biden administration, including President Biden himself.

That may be coming sooner than the Democrats expect if the latest letter the House Republicans sent Joe Biden is any indication.

Reports from the Washington Examiner indicate that Texas Republican Representative Chip Roy has made firing Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas a condition for his support of a continuing resolution.

A new bill to pay for the Department of Homeland Security or a continuing resolution must be passed by September 30 to prevent a government shutdown, and Roy has stated his demands in a letter to colleagues.

Among Roy’s requests is a $10 billion compensation to the state of Texas for border security spending and the signature of the House border security bill H.R. 2.

“Enacting a CR would unacceptably mean continuing the funding level and policies of the disastrous FY 2023 omnibus, which Kevin McCarthy correctly argued perpetuates the border crisis,” Roy wrote.

“Passing a full-year DHS appropriations bill without forcing the significant change necessary to secure the southern border is equally objectionable, even with some policy riders.”

The Texan lawmaker also asked President Biden to make sure Mayorkas “is removed from office, resigns, or is fired.”

Chip Roy commands a ton of respect amongst his Republican colleagues and was a major reason why Kevin McCarthy’s confirmation as the Speaker of the House took so long.

Roy was on the forefront of negotiations with McCarthy to get concessions from the more moderate wing of the Republicans in the U.S. House to ensure that conservatives back home don’t continue to get sold out to the Washington, D.C. Swamp.

Now, Chip Roy is making it clear that he wants to see Mayorkas removed from office entirely before he support any funding for the DHS.

This could put the Biden administration in a bind where they are tempted to play along and let Mayorkas go. What’s a little more administrative turnover?

But if they don’t fire Mayorkas, you can expect Republicans to be eyeing impeachment sooner rather than later.

Chip Roy is drawing a line in the sand and pointing out that Mayorkas has to go for the safety of Americans and the nation as a whole.

Stay tuned to the DC Daily Journal.

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