Two top Democrats were FIRED for committing this heinous crime

Democrats are getting bolder in their attacks. But this crossed a line.

And two top Democrats were FIRED for committing this heinous crime.

Remember January 6th?

Remember how Democrats tried to paint the events of that day as the greatest threat to the United States since the War of 1812?

They even compared it to the burning down of the White House!

As if the Capitol Police escorting a bunch of protesters around the building was somehow a violent insurrection and attempt to overthrow the government.

Well, liberals took a page right out of the playbook when they stormed the Tennessee State Capitol.

And the Democrats who enabled it are feeling the repercussions big time.

Tennessee Republicans expelled two state House Democrats on Thursday in a historic vote over their behavior during last week’s takeover of the state capitol building by gun control activists, during which Democrats led shouts with a bullhorn and disrupted the floor session.

Nashville Democrat Rep. Justin Jones was voted out of the House 72-25, and Memphis Democrat Justin Pearson was voted out 69-26. During his debate on his expulsion, Jones argued the Republicans were spearheading a “assault” on democracy and that the world was “watching.”

During the debate, Jones admitted to slipping a bullhorn into the room under his coat and leading chants with those in the balcony.

Following Pearson’s expulsion, audience members began yelling at Republicans, with at least one protester crying and yelling “shame.”

The expulsion votes came after resolutions were filed on Monday against Jones, Rep. Gloria Johnson (D-Knoxville), and Pearson.

A vote to remove Johnson was defeated by one vote, and the Tennessee legislature will vote on a motion to remove Pearson later. During debate on the resolutions, Rep. Gino Bulso (R-Brentwood) claimed that Democrats attempted to “shred the [state’s] constitution with a bullhorn.”

Johnson speculated that the reason she was not expelled was racially motivated.

Pearson reportedly attempted to make the issue about race during his defense, implying that Tennessee Republicans were racist and invoking “black women who stood at the cross” when Jesus was crucified.

As the voting progressed, Democrats on the floor and demonstrators in the gallery became emotional. Some complained that Republicans were transforming Tennessee into a “fascist state.”

On Monday, Metro Nashville Council will vote to elect a new representative for Jones’ district.

The ballots were cast as hundreds of left-wing demonstrators gathered in Nashville early Thursday morning, before the capitol building opened. One set of teachers advocated for gun regulation, while another advocated for the Democrats to face disciplinary punishment.

Although seating was limited, demonstrators chanted anti-gun chants and yelled “You are fascists!” outside the chamber. Others led anti-House Speaker Cameron Sexton and Republican Party shouts while cheering for the lawmakers facing discipline. The throng outside the chamber yelled “F*** you, fascists!” when Majority Leader William Lamberth (R-Portland) spoke.

Demonstrators booed Republican legislators as they passed. Many of the protesters looked to be female high school students.

Pearson and Jones both appeared briefly outside the chamber, encouraging demonstrators. Jones warned the crowd that the NRA’s power in Tennessee needs to be limited. The two Democrats seemed to enjoy the spotlight, with both smiling and Pearson bowing to the audience.

Sam, a Hermitage protester, told The Daily Wire that he was there to support Jones, his agent. While he favored citizens carrying pistols and held a concealed carry permit, he was opposed to civilians owning “assault rifles.”

Some protesters screamed anti-gun control slogans and referred to the state Legislature as “Our House.” The Equality Alliance protesters led chants about “the Tennessee three,” while other marchers wore pro-abortion hats. Organizers distributed signs reading, “Fighting fascism is a moral obligation.”

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