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We all knew plenty of Biden’s henchman in his cabinet despise America. But no one thought they would be so brazen.

And DHS Secretary Mayorkas committed a terrible act of treason in front of Congress.

One of the main tasks of the Department of Homeland Security is to protect the Americans in our nation.

Unfortunately, the government has used that mandate as an excuse to spy on Americans, allow illegals into this country, and fail to adequately monitor potential terrorists.

Now the head of the whole department is withholding information from even our elected officials.

Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas was repeatedly asked Tuesday on whether a terrorist assault is coming in the United States, but he declined to comment, instead assuring legislators that he is “vigilant.”

Mr. Mayorkas, speaking right before the Senate impeachment proceedings against him, also refused to say whether persons on the government’s terrorist blacklist had been apprehended, released, and are now free in the United States.

Instead, he stated that anyone whose names appear on the watchlist may be considered “priorities” for imprisonment if the government considers they constitute a greater threat to national security or public safety.

The exchange occurred during Mr. Mayorkas’ hearing before the House Homeland Security Committee, which authored the articles of impeachment.

“Is a terrorist attack inside the United States of America imminent?” demanded Texas Republican Representative August Pfluger.

His response: “Let me assure you, congressman, that the safety and security of the American people is our highest priority.”

What did we used to call aiding and abetting our enemies? Treason. Not informing our government of potential attacks is tantamount to running cover for terrorists.

Law enforcement officials are concerned that ISIS has called for additional strikes following last month’s deadly terrorist attack on a music hall in Moscow.

Mr. Pfluger later inquired whether Mr. Mayorkas had briefed President Biden on any looming terror danger, and the secretary again declined, repeating his “safety and security” response.

Rep. Dan Goldman, a Democrat from New York, said the Republican questioning was “completely uncalled for, unwarranted personal attacks.”

And that was before Georgia Republican Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene slammed Mr. Mayorkas, calling him the cartels’ “best business partner” because of the large sums of money they have made from the spike in illegal immigration and drugs over the last three years.

She also held up a flier that has been distributed around Capitol Hill Republicans. They claim it came from a migrant center in Mexico and urges migrants to vote for Mr. Biden.

Mr. Mayorkas stated that voting eligibility is a state issue and that his department has no role in determining it.

Despite the criticisms, Democrats praised Mr. Mayorkas, believing that he will survive Senate impeachment procedures and continue to lead Mr. Biden’s immigration initiatives.

“The impeachment sham against you is dead on arrival in the Senate,” said Rep. Robert Garcia, a California Democrat.

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