Congress advised on how they can kick Joe Biden out of the White House

The dam has been broken for the Biden corner. There’s no more hiding from the inevitable.

As Congress has been advised on how they can finally kick Joe Biden out of the White House.

Of course, Republicans and conservatives have wanted to kick Joe Biden to the curb for years. It’s been blatantly clear to anyone who isn’t supremely biased that Joe Biden has been in a severe mental decline over the past few years, and that’s not even really debatable at this point. Even Joe Biden himself is now admitting it after his horrendous performance in his debate against former President Donald Trump.

The difference is that the Leftist media outlets who are usually very friendly to Joe Biden are now sounding the alarm. They are trying so hard to get Joe Biden and his allies to step aside because they know that if Biden appears at the top of the ballot when Americans go to vote this November, it will be a disaster for the Democrat Party as a whole.

It seemed like it was only a matter of time before the Democrats decided to kick Joe Biden to the curb, but it seems as though Biden and company are digging in right now. They’ve given no indication that the Biden campaign will be suspended or that Joe Biden will ever think about resigning as president.

Which begs the question of what’s next in this good ol’ Mexican standoff that’s playing out between virtually the entirety of America who wants Biden gone versus the core Biden allies who are trying to dig their heels in. The answer could mean this is about to get really nasty.

Concerns Mount Over Biden’s Fitness for Office Amidst Democratic Debate

Recent discussions have intensified around President Joe Biden’s suitability for another term, with some Democratic congressional candidates potentially advocating for his withdrawal from the race if pressed by their constituents. Mark Preston, CNN’s senior political analyst, highlighted this sentiment on Tuesday, suggesting that significant pressure from voters could drive candidates to publicly call for Biden to step aside.

During a debate last Thursday with former President Donald Trump, Biden’s raspy voice and occasional trailing off raised concerns about his age and ability to endure another four years in office. Preston remarked on CNN News Central that the reaction from constituents could significantly influence the stance of Democratic congressional candidates. “They’re going to be walking in Fourth of July parades; they’re going to be meeting with their constituents,” Preston explained.

“More importantly, they’re gonna be meeting with the Democrats that have helped elect these congresspeople back home. And if they start getting an incredible amount of pressure, it really is a fight to survive, right? So if you’re a congressperson, you feel like Joe Biden is going to cost you your election, then you’re going to come out publicly and say that he probably needs to step aside.”

Adding to the debate, The New York Times editorial board has urged Biden to reconsider his 2024 presidential campaign. However, any effort to replace him with another Democratic candidate could face significant practical, political, and legal hurdles.

Interestingly, The New York Times published a bombshell article saying that they’ve heard from a Biden aide that Joe Biden believes if he doesn’t turn his odds around quickly, his campaign won’t be able to survive. The Biden campaign immediately started to call this a lie, saying no one has ever said any of this and that The New York Times is outright lying.

Areva Martin, an attorney and California delegate for Biden for President, has advocated for maintaining support for Biden, warning that overlooking Vice President Kamala Harris for a “white man” would alienate black female voters. “If you pick a white man over Kamala Harris, black women, I can tell you this, we gon’ walk away, we gon’ blow the party up,” Martin stated on Monday.

Pollster Nate Silver expressed frustration over certain Democrats’ silence regarding Biden’s mental state. In a YouTube podcast on Sunday, Silver labeled some Democrats as “f**king cowards” for not disclosing their concerns. “The people in the White House who have not spoken up about this publicly should be shunned from public life, frankly,” Silver argued. “If you’re in the White House and you think you’re a f**king patriot, come forward and tell us what Joe Biden’s really like. Don’t get a f**king book deal in two years and then say how much you knew all along. You’re a f**king coward if you’re not willing to speak or defend him.”

As the debate continues, the Democratic Party faces the complex challenge of balancing loyalty to the current president with the practicalities and political realities of the upcoming election.

Stuck amidst all this chaos is Kamala Harris, who is utterly fuming from the sidelines according to reports. The Harris aides are telling reporters that she is extremely upset that her name isn’t being brought up as a potential replacement for Joe Biden at this time.

Though, one can hardly blame the Democrat Party for trying to gloss over Kamala Harris given she is one of the most unpopular vice presidents in the entirety of American history.

Stay tuned to the DC Daily Journal.

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