This Republican went on NBC and started throwing punches

The Leftist media is quick to turn on Republican guests any chance they get. But one man wasn’t going to take that lying down.

And this Republican went on NBC and started throwing punches.

Rep. James Comer, R-Ky., advised NBC News reporter Ryan Nobles to go work for Biden’s legal team during a heated debate on Wednesday over whether President Biden was involved in his son Hunter Biden’s business interests.

The exchange occurred following a morning deposition hearing between Hunter Biden and the House Oversight and Judiciary Committees on Capitol Hill Wednesday, with Comer and Nobles disagreeing on whether the president committed any crime.

During the back-and-forth, Comer accused Nobles of being a pro-Biden activist and pushed him to work for Biden, citing the reporter’s insistence that there was no evidence linking the senior Biden to the incident.

The conversation started by Nobles asking, “Mr. Chairman, what evidence do you have that either, as vice president or as president, Joe Biden used his political office in any way to benefit either Hunter or James Biden’s business dealings?”

“Well, we have evidence that Joe Biden met with the Chinese–,” Comer said before being interrupted by Nobles.

“But, what specific actions did he take as a public official?” he inquired.

“We’ve had several people already testify though,” he said.

“But what actually — how did — how was Americore helped — how was this Chinese business helped by the fact that Joe Biden is vice president…?” Nobles followed up.

“Okay, so — so let me ask you a question. You mentioned AmeriCore Health. Does anyone in here question whether or not that was influence peddling? Does anyone question that? No,” Comer responded.

Nobles shot back, “There’s a lot of questions about it, sir. Because there was no evidence that Joe Biden did anything as a public official.”

The congressman became more animated, saying, “He got $200,000.”

The conversation became heated when Nobles interjected, “But what did he do as a public individual?” He then clarified that Biden was not vice president at the time of the alleged influence peddling.

“Listen. Look, you can — you can defend Joe Biden all day long. You can defend Joe Biden,” Comer said, appearing to grow frustrated with his hand held up. “You can be on his legal defense team. Kevin Morris will probably pay your legal bills if you want.”

Morris, an entertainment lawyer, provides financial support to Hunter Biden.

Nobles laughed at the line, but continued disputing with the chairman, claiming, “You’re not answering my question.”

“No, I am answering your question. You don’t ­– you – you don’t understand what we’ve said over and over and over. Joe Biden took $200,000 directly from Americore Health,” the lawmaker said.

The reporter continued to deny that Biden received these monies while he was vice president, and both men argued, with Nobles raising his voice at times.

The lawmaker then said, “Hey, calm down. Calm down. It’s OK. It’s OK. All the angry liberals hear what you’re saying — they’ll be all right.”

Stay tuned to the DC Daily Journal.

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