U.S. Senate hearing unveiled corrupt coverup tied to Biden administration

Corruption of government officials is nothing new. But the Biden administration is filled with it.

And now the U.S. Senate has unveiled a corrupt coverup that’s directly tied to the Biden administration.

They say that the profession of politics is as old as sin itself. Power corrupts, and there’s no way around that. It’s been a theme since the beginning of time.

But while that may be true, some regimes go way further than anyone else has even imagined. As for American history, the past few presidential administrations have certainly grown more and more power hungry with dizzying numbers of executive orders and expansion of executive agency regulations.

The Biden administration, however, has taken that to the next level. Many believe that the Department of Justice and the FBI has effectively become arm extensions of the White House, rather than independent agencies that are supposed to carry out the letter of the law.

It seems as though the Biden administration has its eyes set on infecting the Judicial branch as well. Just consider what Americans have most recently learned about an attorney that Joe Biden personally nominated to become a federal judge.

During the Senate discovery and hearing process to consider Joe Biden’s nomination of a Mr. Adeel Mangi for a lifetime appointment as a federal judge, it was learned that Mangi failed to disclose financial compensation he received during the disclosure process of the nomination.

A government watchdog group, the American Accountability Foundation (AAF), wrote to the Biden administration saying that this failure to disclose all financial compensation details required of the nomination process disqualifies Mr. Adeel Mangi.

“After reviewing how unambiguous and straightforward the guidance is and understanding your level of professional legal education, it is difficult to come to any conclusion other than you were attempting to withhold vital information from the public,” the AAF said of Adeel Mangi’s nomination.

They added that the purpose of the financial disclosure is to clear up any possible “special conflicts of interest” that could be brought to the surface before someone gets a lifetime judicial appointment.

Adeel Mangi has been coming under intense scrutiny in the past few weeks for having some concerning ties to anti-Israel radical Islamic terrorism.

Media outlets picked up reports that Mangi has an affiliation with the Rutgers Law School’s Center for Security, Race, and Rights (CSRR) which is known for being extremely anti-Israel and has been described as violently antisemitic.

That’s not hyperbole either. After the horrific October 7th attack on innocent Israeli citizens at the hands of radical Islamic terrorists in Hamas, CSRR released an official statement saying that they blame Israel for the attack.

Not only that, but CSRR was also directly involved in putting on an event that was designed to reframe the attacks of 9/11 to make it seem as though the United States deserved what it got that day.

In fact, an individual who was a speaker at that event was later convicted of working with a Jihadist terrorism group in Palestine.

These are the connections Mangi has. So it’s hard to give Mangi the benefit of the doubt if he failed to properly disclose financial compensations.

The White House is arguing that the Senate is persecuting Mangi because of his “Muslim faith” rather than the fair and obvious concerns that have been brought to light about Mangi.

Adeel Mangi’s nomination appears to be in serious jeopardy, though. With all this bad press, even the most radical Democrat U.S. Senators are going to have a hard time supporting Mangi, especially during a critical election year.

As for the Biden administration, the question of why Mangi was nominated remains. Why nominate such an obviously suspicious character as a federal judge for a lifetime appointment? That we’ll leave up to the imagination and we think you can figure it out.

Stay tuned to the DC Daily Journal.

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