Donald Trump just uncovered a disgusting Democrat plot that will leave you fuming

Donald Trump

Former President Trump is making his comeback in full force. Democrats are losing their minds at the prospect of Trump back in the political arena.

And Donald Trump just uncovered a disgusting Democrat plot that will leave you fuming.

Over the past few decades, the Democrat Party has become more and more vocal in their support of fringe cultural and social experiments.

Democrats like Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton were singing the praises of traditional marriage between one man and one woman just over ten years ago.

But now they seem hellbent on creating a new order designed around their gender ideology.

And Donald Trump just exposed their radical plan to indoctrinate children into their agenda.

In his speech announcing his candidacy for 2024, Donald Trump said President Joe Biden is committed to “indoctrinating our children” and added that the country must stop the “gender insanity” pushed by the radical left.

“Joe Biden has also proven that he is committed to indoctrinating our children even using the Department of Justice against parents who object,” Trump said

Trump was presumably referring to a letter obtained by Education Secretary Miguel Cardona from National School Boards Association (NSBA) executives that labeled worried parents as “domestic terrorists.”

He went on to mention the toll of Critical Race Theory in schools and promised to eliminate it should he be elected.

“It’s a terrible thing. That’s why it’s so sad what’s happening. When I’m in the White House, schools will cease pushing Critical Race Theory as they were,” he said.

“Radical civic and gender insanity” must stop, he continued, or they will risk losing federal funding.

“We were starting to really get it right,” Trump said of education during his term as president.

“We will not let men, as an example, participate in women’s sports. No want no men, no men.”

“People tell me … that’s politically incorrect to say,” he said, making clear he will “say it anyway.”

“And you know, it’s very unfair to women, just very, very unfair. We will defend the rights of parents and we will defend the family as the center of American life,” he vowed.

“Who would think that we even have to mention this? Who would even think it has to be a subject to be talked about. We have to defend parental rights. Can you believe this?” he asked.

Indeed, Trump’s pledge comes after two years of clashes between extreme left activists imposing gender ideology on children in a variety of settings — from schools to drag-time story hours at public libraries — with the president’s apparent endorsement.

In April, Biden stated unequivocally that affirming their child’s transgender claims is “one of the most powerful things you can do to keep them safe and healthy.”

The Biden administration even attempted to tie federal school lunch money to conformity with gender ideology.

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