Joe Biden slapped across the face with reality by top CNN host

Everything is falling apart for President Biden. He has no idea what to do next.

Because Joe Biden was just slapped across the face with reality by a top CNN host.

In the upside down world we live in these days, CNN has occasionally been the voice of reason. We know, that’s utterly mind-blowing, but it’s true. Don’t get it twisted, they are still a Leftist media propaganda machine, but they’re coming to grips with reality.

CNN knows the “hate on Trump 24 hours a day” shtick just won’t work anymore, and that’s why they’ve been forced to wake up and face reality. They’d love nothing more than to cover for Joe Biden and the Democrats heading into the 2024 election cycle, but they are sounding the alarms.

All the polls leading up to the 2024 election cycle indicate, at this point in time, it’s not going to be good for the Democrats. Joe Biden is behind Donald Trump by as many as 4 to 6 points in some national surveys. Surveys that Donald Trump never led in back in 2016 and 2020.

Now CNN is desperately calling out to Joe Biden and anyone else who will hear them that he is in serious trouble of getting utterly embarrassed come time for Americans to cast their votes this November.

CNN’s John King remarked on Wednesday that President Joe Biden’s positive portrayal of the economy during his presidency might provoke backlash from voters.

A report by research group The Conference Board suggests that job growth could slow down in the latter half of 2024 due to sustained low growth and high inflation. Despite this, Biden asserted in a CNN interview on Wednesday that the economy is flourishing under his leadership. Reacting to this, King on The Lead With Jake Tapper expressed concern that Biden’s comments could anger Americans facing economic struggles.

“He’s right on the numbers about the economic turnaround, but he is on very dangerous ground, Jake,” King cautioned host Jake Tapper. “I would say he risks offending, forgive my language, I would say he risks p*ssing off some of the voters I’ve talked to in my travels over the last six or seven months because they don’t feel it.”

King continued, “And so when he said at the top of that, ‘we have turned it around.’ And he said in the middle of that, ‘the polls are wrong.’ Trust me, from my travels, we have a voter group in Milwaukee, just north of where the president was today.”

“And when we visited them there used to be a lot of factories in their neighborhood. Those factories are gone. They’re dealing with Covid, they’re dealing with inflation. They talk a lot about the cost of living and the cost of groceries,” CNN’s Mr. King added.

The economy remains the foremost concern for 30% of voters as per a March Gallup poll. In March, prices surged by 3.5% year-over-year, far exceeding the Federal Reserve’s target range of 2%. They haven’t dropped below 3% since peaking at 9% in June 2022.

“The statistics back up the president’s argument that the economy is much better and is growing and is strong, the strongest in the world,” argued King. “He is correct, however, voters don’t feel that way, and voters don’t like being told they’re wrong.”

According to GDP statistics released by the Bureau of Economic Analysis in April, the American economy expanded by a mere 1.6% in the first quarter of 2024, falling short of economists’ expectations of 2.2%.

The increase in government employment has been a driving force behind job growth, with an average of 55,000 new government jobs per month over the past year. April marked the sixth consecutive month of record-breaking government employment, totaling 23,271,000 individuals.

“The inflation thing is just wild,” remarked Tom Oberhaus, a Wisconsin farmer, to CNN. “And we’re told by the government that, oh, 7% or 8% inflation or whatnot. We’re feeling more like it’s 25% inflation. You get your paycheck and it looks good. But then when you pay the bills off, it’s like, wow, it‘s all gone already.”

The national debt of the United States surpassed $34 trillion for the first time in early 2024, currently standing at nearly $34.6 trillion, according to the Treasury Department. Since Biden assumed office, the national debt has surged by approximately $6.8 trillion.

What’s interesting is that Mr. King believes that the U.S. economy is stronger as a result of Joe Biden’s policy, but says that the American public has a point about how they feel the economy is worse under Biden’s tenure. So which is it?

Of course, CNN isn’t going to go all the way and say that Joe Biden’s economy is obviously bad. But anyone who tries to argue that the American people aren’t feeling the pinch in this economy is simply lying. Not even CNN is going to try and gaslight the American people as much as Joe Biden is trying to. That’s really saying something.

Stay tuned to the DC Daily Journal.

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