The White House just got blindsided by this incriminating memo about President Biden

It’s already been a tough year for Joe Biden and his allies. It’s only going to get harder.

Because the White House was completely surprised by this incriminating report about President Biden.

Confidence in President Joe Biden right now isn’t exactly high, to say the least. In fact, it’s so bad that he’s flirting with disapproval ratings that are as bad as any point in his administration’s tenure so far. Americans are largely just fed up with his nonsense.

It’s hard to have confidence when every time Americans turn on the news, they are getting bad news about the economy, international war conflicts, illegal immigration from a border crisis, and domestic unrest.

Americans will typically have a longer leash with elected officials if there’s at least an economy that’s promising and giving voters a reason to vote for elected officials that are helping them keep a roof over their heads and put food on the table.

But Joe Biden is struggling in the worst of ways on that front. Surveys suggest that American voters trust Donald Trump to improve the economy and their financial situation way more than Joe Biden could ever dream of. Former President Trump commands a double-digit lead over Joe Biden on this issue based on the polling data.

Everyone knows what’s causing this disapproval of Joe Biden’s economy, too. It’s the inflation issue that the Biden administration has promised to get under control but have yet to do so. Not only that, but they seem content to gaslight Americans into believing that they’ve actually handled the inflation issue better than Donald Trump, which is laughable.

Recently, a memo was sent into circulation in Congress detailing how Joe Biden’s economic policies are to blame for the stubborn inflation and that, unless the Biden admin addresses this, they’ll be kicked to the curb this November.

Advancing American Freedom (AAF), a political organization led by the former Vice President for Donald Trump, Mike Pence, is sending a memo to all congressional offices on Wednesday, highlighting the high inflation under President Joe Biden’s administration, the Daily Caller News Foundation has exclusively learned.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) report released on Wednesday, the Consumer Price Index (CPI) increased 3.4% in April year-over-year and 0.3% month-over-month. The memo from AAF, obtained first by the reporters over at the Daily Caller News Foundation, argues that inflation has risen by over 19% since Biden took office due to increased government spending and “restricted American energy production.”

“Bidenomics has created the highest and most persistent inflation in nearly 50 years, and it remains the number one issue facing the American people,” AAF Chairman Marc Short shared with reporters about the report sent to Congress. “President Biden must reverse his radical regulatory and spending campaign and get inflation back under control or face the wrath of the American electorate in November.”

The memo details the rising costs of housing, education, energy, food, and transportation under the Biden administration and claims that the president’s “economic mismanagement has made inflation much worse.” It cites Biden’s Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, Inflation Reduction Act, and American Rescue Plan as contributors to the national debt increase by trillions.

“Biden’s ‘green energy’ push has thus far centered on pushing benefits for politically-favored ‘green’ constituencies, in the form of tax breaks, subsidies, and government spending, while declaring regulatory war on American energy production, leading to higher electricity and gas prices for American families,” the memo notes.

When Biden took office in January 2021, inflation was at 1.4% year-over-year, but it peaked at 9% in June 2022 — the highest in over 40 years. It has not dropped below 3% since.

“Today’s inflation report should be another wake-up call that Biden’s policies that have led us to this point are unsustainable,” the memo reads. “Taming inflation requires commitment and – more importantly – fiscal and regulatory restraint from Washington.”

Donald Trump recently shared a video online saying that Joe Biden’s economy has created an “inflation tax” that is only hurting Americans and proping up his radical Left agenda. He also says Joe Biden’s economic policies are disproportionately hurting minority groups like black Americans and hispanic Americans.

He also boldly proclaims that Joe Biden is the “worst President for young people” in history, noting that young people are struggling to get suitable housing with a mortgage rate that is higher than Bob Marley.

When White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre was asked about why Joe Biden has lied about saying that inflation was 9% when he took office as he claimed in a CNN sit-down interview, she argued that the president was just trying to say that the “factors were in place” when he took office that led to inflation.

She then went on in a word salad that was largely a non-answer to further gaslight Americans who want the Biden administration to simply admit that inflation has only been worse since he took office, which is simply true.

The DC Daily Journal will keep you updated on any major economy reports and updates.

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