A state Supreme Court just handed Republicans this massive election win

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Many Americans have been concerned about election security since 2020. As a result, Republicans in state legislatures have been passing election security bills, but have been attacked in court by Democrats over those bills.

But a state Supreme Court just handed Republicans this massive election win that could change everything.

The 2020 election cycle proved to be a controversial one, as Americans on both sides of the political aisle took issue with the security of the election overall.

Polls indicate that a majority of Americans are concerned about the security of future elections that they intend to vote in.

It’s not partisan to claim that the integrity of our elections could use some strengthening, even though the Democrat Party says that’s anathema.

The regions whose election procedures matter the most include Pennsylvania, Arizona, and Georgia, as those three states could determine the balance of the Senate.

And news out of Pennsylvania should be celebrated by all Americans wanting more secure and fair elections.

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court recently ruled that the state of Pennsylvania must not accept mail-in ballots that are undated.

This is a reversal of the Pennsylvania Secretary of State Leigh Chapman’s order that the state would accept mail-in ballots that are undated.

As the Daily Wire reports:

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court has ruled that the state must not accept undated mail-in ballots.

In a per curiam decision Tuesday, the court ruled that county boards of elections in Pennsylvania must segregate mail-in ballots that are not dated on the outer envelope, or have an incorrect date, and not include them in the final vote tally. The state supreme court ruling followed a decision by the acting secretary of state to include the undated ballots in the final count ahead of the 2022 midterms.

The Daily Wire points out that the state Supreme Court was split over whether throwing out the undated mail-in ballots was a violation of federal law.

So while the undated mail-in ballots aren’t completely out of the picture, the PA Supreme Court does directly order for these ballots to not be counted.

To many Americans, it makes no sense that mail-in ballots without a date would be accepted or even considered at all because it’s lacking in verification.

While the media claims the studies “prove” that mail-in ballots are just as secure as in-person voting, that claim flies in the face of basic common sense and logic.

If no one election officials are around when these mail-in ballots are being filled out and simply slapped in a mailbox, how on earth are those confidential and secure?

Do we mail tests to students at colleges and universities? No, because there’s literally no way to verify the identity of the test taker, and that it would be confidential.

At the very least, mail-in ballots with no date should be immediately thrown out because they don’t meet the criteria of requirements.

Though, with the race in Pennsylvania between Fetterman and Dr. Oz proving to be razor-thin, a move like this from the PA Supreme Court could be all the difference in the world.

Stay tuned to the DC Daily Journal.

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