Anonymous Democrat leaks disturbing fact about Joe Biden

There’s a major problem brewing for President Biden. They were trying to keep a lid on it.

But an anonymous Democrat has leaked a disturbing fact about Joe Biden.

Over the past several months, Democrats have been sounding the alarm about the possibility of Joe Biden losing in spectacular fashion in 2024 against the likely Republican opponent Donald Trump.

It’s not just the White House the Democrats are worried about. Plenty of Democrat candidates in close races all over the country are concerned that Joe Biden being at the top of their ticket is going to hurt their chances of winning their race.

And now an anonymous Democrat shared with Politico that they are worried that Joe Biden is seriously alienating his own voting base and making the political environment extremely toxic for Democrats this year.

In light of President Joe Biden’s stance on Israel’s battle against Hamas in Gaza, the White House and Biden 2024 reelection team are reportedly worried that he is losing support from voters in Michigan’s Arab and Muslim populations.

Politico reports that as Biden’s popularity among the state’s Arab and Muslim populations dwindle, many agnostic voter campaigns have emerged, threatening not to endorse President Biden this year.

Politico also reports that some Muslim groups have organized a “Listen to Michigan” campaign, asking voters to cast “uncommitted” ballots in Tuesday’s primary in the hopes that Biden will respond to their demands for a complete end to the conflict in the Middle East. The “Abandon Biden” movement, which urges people to vote against the president in the 2024 election, poses a greater threat to the president in Michigan.

Furthermore, the percentage of Arab Americans who would support Joe Biden in the general election of 2024 is around 17% as of October, down from 59% in 2020.

Internally, Biden’s reelection campaign and administration are in a state of fear, despite his outward confidence in his chances before the Michigan primary took place on Tuesday.

“They are freaking out about the uncommitted vote,” an anonymous Democrat shared with reporters. Biden ended up winning the Michigan primary by garnering 81.1% of the vote, but the “uncommitted” vote did earn 13%.

According to Politico, Biden has not visited Michigan since February 1st, but he attempted to increase support for Tuesday’s vote by doing multiple radio interviews that were broadcast on Monday. Notably, he said on Monday during an appearance with NBC anchor Seth Meyers that he hoped for a Middle Eastern truce as soon as next week, one of numerous remarks he has made in the past several weeks suggesting he wants Israel to begin reducing its war operations.

California Democratic Representative Ro Khanna, who has mediated between the Biden campaign and Arab communities, told Politico that “nothing in politics is a coincidence” in reference to Biden’s recent remarks. “This is happening because the president is hearing that a large part of his coalition wants this war to end.”

A state elected official informed Politico that the Biden campaign instructed Michigan Democrats to assure voters that “any vote not for Biden is a vote for Donald Trump” in the days preceding the primary. Given the public’s sentiment toward Biden’s endorsement of the Israeli conflict, he warned that going too far may offend voters.

As reported by Politico, the Listen to Michigan campaign’s phone bankers contacted almost 100,000 voters this week, and the majority of them expressed their intention not to participate in the Tuesday primary.

Joe Biden’s approval ratings have been hanging out in the mid-30s/mid-20s depending on which survey or pollster you consult.

It’s not just conservatives who are not happy with the White House either. Democrats, as we’ve seen, are very quick to criticize Joe Biden as well.

With the presidential election less than nine months away, time is running out for Biden and company to turn things around.

Stay tuned to the DC Daily Journal.

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