CNN confesses Joe Biden is dead in the water and causes chaos for the DNC

You’ll almost never hear CNN be this bold. But they’ve sounded the alarm.

As CNN just confessed that Joe Biden is dead in the water and caused total chaos for the DNC.

When Donald Trump officially left the White House in January of 2021, simply no one thought that a rematch would be on deck for the 2024 presidential election between Trump and Joe Biden once again.

Former President Donald Trump didn’t exactly leave the White House with a great last impression for the independents. The January 6, 2021 short firecracker of a riot was being propagandized by the Big Media outlets as an attempt from Donald Trump to literally overthrow the federal government and American democracy to install himself as a dictator.

He’s literally still facing a bogus indictment trial for this, years removed from the events. All of this was supposed to make Donald Trump impossible to stomach for American voters in any future elections. But that’s not happening.

In fact, Donald Trump is stronger than ever according to the polls. A number of national surveys are demonstrating that Donald Trump is clearly in the driving seat if he faces Joe Biden come November 2024 for a second term in the White House.

CNN recently aired a segment featuring one of their top data analysts to discuss the latest New York Times poll that had some truly devastating results for Joe Biden and the Democrats that have everyone questioning the 2024 election.

CNN’s senior data reporter, Harry Enten, highlighted the significant challenge facing President Joe Biden’s reelection bid, pointing to former President Donald Trump’s lead in key Sun Belt states. According to the latest New York Times/Siena College survey, Trump holds a 13% lead in Nevada, 9% in Georgia, and 6% in Arizona among likely voters. Enten emphasized the rarity of a Republican winning all these states and attributed Trump’s lead to a shift in his coalition towards including more nonwhite voters.

“These sun belt battleground states, frankly, for the Joe Biden campaign, these numbers are an absolute disaster,” CNN’s data analyst Mr. Enten shared with his viewers. “The smallest lead is in Arizona for Donald Trump, he’s up six. Look at this, nine in Georgia, 13 in Nevada. My goodness, gracious, my god. That is a hugely… no Democrat has lost that state since John Kerry lost it back in 2004,” he went on to add.

Describing these numbers as “an absolute disaster” for the Biden campaign, Enten noted the historical significance, stressing that no Democrat has lost these states since 2004. Conversely, he highlighted the more favorable situation for Biden in the Great Lakes battleground states, where margins are tighter and within the margin of error, offering room for the Biden campaign to maneuver.

“How about these Great Lake battleground states? This is something that the Joe Biden campaign can work with. Look, Pennsylvania, Donald Trump up three, but that’s well within the margin of error. Wisconsin Donald Trump up one. Well within the margin of error, and actually a Joe Biden lead, well within the margin of error, up a point here,” Enten shared more favorably for Joe Biden and his campaign.

The shift in Trump’s coalition, particularly among nonwhite voters, was underscored as a pivotal factor driving his current lead. In 2020, 84% of Trump’s coalition was white, compared to 78% now, with the nonwhite portion increasing from 13% to 19%. This evolving demographic landscape, combined with the diversity of Sun Belt battleground states, is reshaping the electoral dynamics.

“That‘s basically what‘s cooking here. This is at least one of the big reasons why. So this is among likely voters in all these battleground states we just spoke about. Back in 2020, 84% of the Trump campaign’s, the Trump coalition was white. Look where it is now. It‘s 78%. The nonwhite portion of the Trump coalition, it was 13% in 2020. Look at this now, it’s 19%. So the Trump coalition is becoming more diverse. And of course those sun belt battleground states are more diverse than the Great Lake battlegrounds,” Mr. Enten claimed regarding the root cause of the shift into Donald Trump’s favor.

CNN is correct that Donald Trump is continuing to outperform than anyone has been expecting him to with minority voting blocs like the black vote and the hispanic vote.

There’s a few reasons for that shift. But most of it comes down to complete frustration with the Joe Biden administration to make any real, tangible difference to improve their situation.

Firstly, and most importantly, the economy has been extremely unstable for families who are just trying to get their footing and don’t have major, paid off assets like a house with no mortgage. Most families are struggling to cope with the sky-high grocery prices, gas prices that could jump by fifty cents any particular day, and a housing crisis that’s only getting worse.

Minority voting blocs that are, on average, poorer than the average American are looking at the possibility of a second Joe Biden term and panicking about what that would mean for their family. Another four years of eye-watering inflation just sounds impossible.

As a result, there are still some political experts who are questioning that the Democrat Party is actually going to put up Joe Biden on the ballot if he’s just as dead in the water as the news outlets are saying he is.

There’s been no evidence of that just yet, but it’s certainly hard to imagine they don’t try to do something if there’s no improvement in Joe Biden’s odds of winning come November.

Stay tuned to the DC Daily Journal.

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