CNN’s confession about Donald Trump leaves jaws on the floor

CNN is known to play fast and loose with the truth. But every once in a while they are forced to call a spade a spade.

And now CNN’s confession about Donald Trump has left everyone’s jaws on the floor.

The far-Left media establishment has hated Donald Trump ever since he announced his candidacy for president for his first term in office back in late 2015/early 2016.

Before he even took office, the Leftist media machine was running stories about how he was bought out by the Russians and was a fascist pig who would cement himself as the next dictator of world history.

Everyone knows CNN, in particular, was the most guilty of giving the most absurd takes on Donald Trump. It didn’t matter how unhinged the takes were, they would run them. This is likely because it was making them a ton of money during the Trump tenure in office to run an anti-Trump network 24 hours a day during all seven days of the week.

The fact that CNN didn’t have the foresight to see that Donald Trump would leave office one day either after his first term or after a second and that they’d be left with no boogeyman to trash on all day every day, is truly astounding.

The network’s profits went into free-fall after Donald Trump left office and Americans just got extremely tired of the CNN shtick. They were forced to fire personalities that had been at the network for years and years in a desperate attempt to turn the ship around with a new face lift.

A part of this new face lift is trying to appear more “reasonable.” They will always be CNN and have that Leftist bend, no doubt. But they are wise to the fact that they need to give their listeners something tangible other than “we hate Trump more than Hitler.”

Exhibit A is as follows. Recently, a top data analyst for CNN, Mr. Harry Enten, appeared on their afternoon show and dropped a truth bomb about Donald Trump that Joe Biden isn’t going to like.

Enten said that the polls for 2024 are showing that Trump is massively ahead of Joe Biden. How so? According to Enten, at this point in the race in 2020, Donald Trump was behind Joe Biden by eight points in the polls.

This time around? Donald Trump is leading Joe Biden in all the major national polls. Leftist media heads are being forced to acknowledge this fact.

“We’ll take a look at the national polling, and this is on March 13th, and I think it really gives you an understanding of how different the picture is than it was four years ago at this point,” Enten shared on CNN.

“Four years ago at this point in an aggregate of polls, Biden was up by eight points. In fact, Trump didn’t lead at a single point in that entire campaign.”

He went on to rightly point out that the electoral college is a different matter entirely. But the reality is that the electoral college is massively in Donald Trump’s favor if he’s even in a tie with Joe Biden in national popular vote polls.

“Of course, it’s all about the electoral college, right. Well, take a look here. The race to 270. These are CNN’s current rankings. Look at this, Donald Trump, 272. Two more than needed to win. And you mentioned Wisconsin. Now a toss-up. What about Michigan? You also mentioned Michigan. Leaning towards Donald Trump. Georgia, the same. You see out here in the west, Nevada a state that Joe Biden won, leaning Republican. And Arizona a toss-up, as well. So, a tight race in the electoral college, but one in which Trump currently has the edge, which is not what you could say at any point during the entire 2020 campaign,” Enten concluded.

You can watch the clip below:

CNN admitting that Donald Trump is the clear favorite, at this time, to win a second term in the White House is truly stunning and shows how far they have come. Usually they would try to put asterisks on anything that seems positive for Donald Trump and conservatives.

Not only that, but according to CNN themselves, Donald Trump never led in the 2020 election cycle in the national polls. Whether or not that is true is beside the point. They’re utterly panicking on the inside about Donald Trump being the likely next President of the United States once again.

They may well be trying to sound the alarm on a failing Joe Biden re-election campaign that many high-profile Democrats have been critical of in recent weeks and months.

Stay tuned to the DC Daily Journal.

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