Donald Trump ended Nikki Haley’s campaign with this one sentence

Haley has been fighting a losing battle for months now. She refuses to drop out.

But Donald Trump ended Nikki Haley’s campaign with this one sentence.

Former President Donald Trump stated Tuesday night that he believes former U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley is still in the presidential race because she doesn’t know how to withdraw.

Trump made the remarks during a town hall gathering after Haley had a press conference earlier in the day, stating that she would defy rising calls to drop out despite being about 60 points behind Trump nationally.

During her news conference, Haley stated that she had “settled” the topic of whether she is running for Trump’s vice president, which she declined to clearly say earlier in the campaign.

When asked if he believed Haley had “settled that question,” Trump replied:

Well, I settled it about three months ago. She’s not working. She’s here. She’s down by 30-35 points. And everybody knows her. You’re not supposed to lose your home state, shouldn’t happen anyway. And she’s losing it bigly, big. … But we’re gonna really do a job, I think that as you know, when we went to Iowa, we got the biggest margin in the history of the caucus, the biggest.

When asked why he believes that she was not dropping out of the race, Trump said: “I don’t think she knows how to get out, actually. I really don’t. She did terribly in New Hampshire. She got — the only votes she got was from Democrats.”

Speaking of the major donors who are sponsoring her campaign, Trump claimed that they were putting her up to harm him in the general election.

“Well, they’re trying to hurt me because of the general election, so the Democrats are giving her money and she’s playing into the game, and I think she just can’t get herself to get out,” he said.

“She’s doing poorly in the polls. Look, if she was doing well, I’d understand it. But she’s doing very poorly. She lost in record numbers in Iowa, record numbers in New Hampshire. Nevada. ‘No Name’ beat [her].”


Trump is absolutely right.

The next primary is South Carolina, where Trump holds a commanding 63.5% in support.

Meanwhile, in Nikki Haley’s home state, she can only garner 33.5%.

If this is supposed to be one of her best showings, then it’s a joke.

Who knows why Haley is still in the race? Maybe she doesn’t know how to leave. Maybe she thinks Trump will be indicted and put in jail. Or maybe she just likes the limelight.

One thing is certain, though, she will not be the Republican nominee.

Stay tuned to the DC Daily Journal.

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