Donald Trump just scored an impossible election win against Joe Biden

A rematch of 2020 is on deck. But everything is different this election cycle.

As Donald Trump just scored an election win against Biden no one thought was possible.

If you zero in on what you could even make sense of during Joe Biden’s ramblings during the presidential debate on June 27th, you would find that Biden is absolutely banking on the idea that Donald Trump is somehow the “worst President in U.S. history” and that Americans will resonate with that.

He cites some stuffy historians who are probably Academia-obsessed radical elites who hated Donald Trump from the beginning when he launched his campaign back in 2015. That has been Joe Biden’s talking point in his argument that he’s a better President than Donald Trump and that Americans should trust him over Trump.

The only issue is that historians aren’t the American public. Recent polls and surveys suggest Joe Biden’s approval ratings are sinking even further, with his average approval now sinking down to 36%, a new low for the incumbent Democrat. Simply put, Americans aren’t fond of Sleepy Joe.

Not only that, but his claim that Americans view Donald Trump as the more divisive and problematic president simply isn’t true. Americans actually view Joe Biden as the much worse president by a fairly large margin.

American Voters Favor Trump’s First Term Performance Over Biden’s Current Term, Poll Shows

A recent poll conducted by USA Today/Suffolk University reveals a notable shift in American voter sentiment towards former President Donald Trump’s performance compared to President Joe Biden’s current term. The survey, conducted from June 28 through 30, sampled 1,000 registered voters, yielding insights that highlight distinct preferences and concerns among the electorate.

According to the poll results, 51% of registered voters expressed approval of Donald Trump’s job performance during his first term in office. In contrast, only 41% approved of President Biden’s current job performance. The survey underscored a significant preference among respondents for Trump over Biden in handling critical issues such as the economy and immigration, pivotal topics likely to shape the upcoming presidential election.

Economic and Immigration Policies

A staggering 54% of those surveyed believed that Trump would manage the economy more effectively than Biden, who garnered support from 40% of respondents on this issue. The poll highlighted concerns over Biden’s economic policies, citing a substantial increase in the national debt to over $34.8 trillion since he assumed office. Experts linked this surge to extensive spending initiatives like the American Rescue Plan and the Inflation Reduction Act, which totaled $1.9 trillion and $750 billion, respectively.

Regarding immigration, 53% of voters trusted Trump’s approach, contrasting with 40% who favored Biden’s stance. The poll noted a marked preference for Trump in handling national security and foreign affairs, with 52% expressing confidence in his capabilities, compared to 42% for Biden.

Key Issues and Public Opinion

Among the issues surveyed, race relations and healthcare also drew divided opinions. A slim majority, 51%, believed Biden managed race relations better, while 41% favored Trump’s approach. On healthcare, 50% of voters endorsed Biden’s policies, with 40% preferring Trump’s initiatives.

The poll’s findings provide a snapshot of current voter attitudes, revealing nuanced preferences across critical policy domains. As the 2024 presidential election looms, insights from this survey suggest that public perceptions of leadership on economic recovery, immigration reform, and other pivotal issues will continue to shape the political landscape.

The USA Today/Suffolk University poll truly shows a growing divergence in voter approval between Trump’s first term and Biden’s current tenure, reflecting ongoing debates over policy effectiveness and leadership in addressing the nation’s most pressing challenges.

Joe Biden can go around on the campaign trail trying to cite these historians who say that Donald Trump is the worst president ever all he wants. But it doesn’t change the sentiment of the American people whatsoever.

This is the issue that the Biden campaign truly does not understand. Donald Trump, through all his faults, wants to connect with the American people where they are. He isn’t going to be gaslighting them about the economy like Joe Biden is. He isn’t going to be telling Americans everything is okay when it’s not.

Joe Biden can either choose to listen to the historians who say Trump is the worst thing ever to happen to humanity, or he can listen to the voters who are telling him that they don’t want another four years of Sleepy Joe in the Oval Office.

Stay tuned to the DC Daily Journal.

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