Donald Trump receives 2024 election boost that has Joe Biden reaching for the white flag

President Biden and his Democrats are sweating bullets. They don’t know what to do about this news.

Because Donald Trump received a 2024 boost that has Joe Biden thinking about throwing in the towel.

Everyone knows that Donald Trump is the leading candidate in the 2024 presidential election race. It’s been that way ever since he jumped into the race in November of 2022, which was fairly early for a Republican contender to announce.

Some were concerned that his campaign announcement was way too early and that his momentum would fizzle out by the time 2024 came around, but that’s been the opposite of what’s actually happened.

Donald Trump still remains the favorite as polls have him up over his likely opponent in the general election, incumbent Democrat Joe Biden, by anywhere from 1-4 points in predicted popular voting.

Former President Donald Trump being ahead of Joe Biden in the popular vote would absolutely be a nail in the coffin for Biden and company because Mr. Biden barely got by in the electoral college with a fairly comfortable popular vote win. Somehow he got more votes than Donald Trump and Barack Obama ever did, but that’s besides the point.

A Trump popular vote win would almost certainly result in a Trump electoral college win, and a big one at that.

That’s why the Biden team is worried sick about this latest news involving Robert F. Kennedy Jr. who is also running for president this year but as an independent.

A new survey suggests that Donald Trump’s popular vote lead over Joe Biden increases when you factor in the biggest independent candidate, RFK Jr., into the survey equation. Trump’s lead more than doubles from one point to more than two points.

The Daily Caller News Foundation reports:

Trump’s lead grows slightly from one point to 2.4 points nationally when Kennedy, “Justice for All Party” candidate Cornel West and Green Party candidate Jill Stein are on the ballot, according to the RealClearPolitics (RCP) averages. For a three-way race with Kennedy, Trump’s margin widens to 5.4 points.

In all of the major battleground states, Donald Trump performs better when you factor in all the third-party candidates. In some cases, the lead for Donald Trump is well outside of the three-point margin of victory Joe Biden had in 2020.

Meaning some of these states have made a swing into Donald Trump’s favor to the tune of anywhere from 5 to 10 points. That’s a major swing after just a few years of a Joe Biden presidency.

The Daily Caller News Foundation also reports:

Trump’s lead over Biden jumps from 5.2 points to six points in Arizona; three points to six points in Nevada; 0.8 points to 2.7 points in Wisconsin; 0.2 points to two points in Pennsylvania; 4.4 points to 6.7 points in North Carolina; and 5.2 points to 7.4 points in Georgia.

Usually dethroning an incumbent president is extremely difficult. Just look at all the wild things that had to happen for Donald Trump to “lose” in 2020.

There was a pandemic to boot, the economy was being sacrificed at the altar of perceived public safety, and the world was going mad. There was almost nothing Donald Trump could do in response.

Normally that would end a political career. There’s a reason why no former one-term president in America has won a second term in office after losing a presidential election.

The fact that Donald Trump is storming back just proves that, as of now, Americans are not fond of what they have been given out of Joe Biden and the Democrats so far. This election is absolutely a referendum on Joe Biden and the Democrats in power in Washignton, D.C.

Stay tuned to the DC Daily Journal.

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