Hillary Clinton shocks the nation by jumping into 2024 election

Failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is starving for relevance. She’s scraping the bottom of the barrel now.

As Hillary Clinton’s shocked the nation with this 2024 election announcement.

At one point, Hillary Clinton was on top of the world. She was Secretary of State for the Barack Obama. She got out of the Benghazi scandal unscathed. She was preparing to be the next president of the United States.

Nothing could stop her. She was on top of the world and destined to become the next president and carry on the legacy of the Barack Obama administration. All signs were pointing to this being the case. That is until they weren’t.

Donald Trump was the perfect storm that no one could have seen coming. Trump was likely the one person who would’ve been capable of derailing the Hillary Clinton hype train. Another Mitt Romney or John McCain simply wouldn’t have cut it. It’s doubtful someone like Ted Cruz would’ve been able to beat Clinton that year either.

And derail the Clinton hype train Trump did. He handed her an embarrassing loss that she simply wasn’t going to recover from anytime soon. She had to go into hiding to heal the wounds to her political pride.

That wasn’t all Americans would hear from her though. Today, she’s back to making her tours in friendly media outlets as much as possible. She’s likely itching for being the center of attention as she once briefly was before losing to Donald Trump in stunning fashion in 2016.

Now, she’s jumping into the 2024 election season. This time, as a helping hand to get her favorite Democrats over the finish line by the time November hits and it’s time for Americans to head to the ballot box.

Last week, Hillary Clinton shared on X (formerly known as Twitter) that she was officially endorsing the Arizona Democrat running for a spot in the U.S. Senate, Ruben Gallego, against his Republican opponent Kari Lake.

The former Secretary of State for the Obama administration said that Gallego would “deliver for hardworking families, defend abortion rights, and work towards building a better future for us all,” and then solicited donations for the Arizona Democrat.

Gallego returned the niceties by saying that he was proud to have Hillary Clinton’s endorsement because he believes she’s a “leading advocate for social justice” and a “dedicated public servant” to the United States.

“She’s long been a leading advocate for social justice, an unyielding fighter for women’s rights, and a dedicated public servant who has spent decades working to better our nation. Now more than ever, we need to stand together in the face of the extremism that’s threatening Arizona and work to protect abortion rights, defend our democracy, and build a better future for families in every corner of our state,” Gallego shared in a statement.

Though, if you know Kari Lake, you know that she wasn’t going to let this slide without having some fun by poking at Gallego and Hillary Clinton. It only took a few hours for Kari Lake to shoot back her response to the endorsement.

Lake took to X to share a picture of Gallego appearing at a “Clinton-Kane” campaign rally. Of course, that campaign went up in flames and is a sore point for the Democrats.

Kari Lake also said that Hillary Clinton and Ruben Gallego aren’t at all “public servants” of America, but rather career politicians who are just trying to get rich off the backs of hard-working Americans.

“@HillaryClinton is all-in on Ruben Gallego. I’m not surprised. They have a lot in common. Ruben & Hillary have spent their careers defrauding hard-working Americans & enriching themselves at YOUR expense. I’m running to put you & your family first,” Kari Lake shared on X.

Hillary Clinton is almost like a little kid who has to sit inside while her friends get to have fun on the playground. But this is her own doing, she is the one who put a knife in her own political career by going dark in 2016.

She wants so desperately to be relevant again, but that ship has sailed. It’s honestly stunning that Ruben Gallego even wants Hillary Clinton’s endorsement at all given how negatively so many Americans view her for her involvement in the Benghazi scandal and the email server scandal.

Stay tuned to the DC Daily Journal.

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