Joe Biden sent packing after what was just confessed about him on live TV

There’s a civil war going on. Democrats are being torn apart.

And now Joe Biden’s been sent packing after what was confessed about him on live TV.

There’s been a ton of talk about Joe Biden being forced out of the race for president against surging former President Donald Trump, who seems to be all but inevitable at this point. Most believe that the recent mental slip ups performed by Joe Biden have sealed the deal, and now many Democrats are searching for answers on how to replace Joe Biden and who to replace him with.

So far, though, there’s been no movement on that front. There’s been some reports indicating that several high profile Democrats in Congress in both the U.S. Senate and the U.S. House chambers are calling for Joe Biden to step down sooner than later, but not publicly just yet. Furthermore, those extremely close to Joe Biden, like his family members, are saying there’s no chance he drops out.

The bad news has continued into this week as well, as the U.S. Supreme Court ruling giving Donald Trump partial immunity has Democrats foaming at the mouth and in a panic mode unlike anything seen in recent American history. President Biden has tried to spin the news poorly and make it sound like Donald Trump is a dictator, but it’s not working.

A top political strategist recently appeared on CNN and confessed that Joe Biden and the Democrats are in a “nosedive” after all the recent poor press and major losses that have been going against their wishes and agendas. The Trump immunity ruling is just the most recent in a long recent string of tough breaks for Joe Biden and company.

Democrat Party Faces Challenges After Supreme Court Ruling in Favor of Trump

In a recent turn of events, Republican strategist Scott Jennings has claimed that the Democratic Party is in a “nosedive” following the Supreme Court’s decision to rule in favor of former President Donald Trump’s immunity appeal. The ruling, delivered on Monday, declared Trump is “entitled to immunity” for “official acts” in a case linked to an indictment by special counsel Jack Smith concerning Trump’s efforts to challenge the 2020 election results. The decision, penned by Chief Justice John Roberts, saw a 6-3 split among the justices.

Jennings highlighted Trump’s significant successes since a Manhattan jury found him guilty on May 30 of 34 felony counts related to falsifying business records. He described the former president’s recent developments as a “winning streak.”

“I was thinking about the last 30, 35 days or so. I‘m not sure any presidential candidate in modern history has had the incredible run of luck of Donald Trump,” Jennings remarked. He pointed to several events, beginning with the New York conviction which seemingly unified the right and resulted in a substantial fundraising boost. He also noted President Joe Biden’s poor performance in a recent debate and the Supreme Court’s latest ruling which ensures Trump will avoid further court appearances, except for sentencing in New York, before the upcoming election.

In the wake of Trump’s conviction, his campaign has reportedly raised over $140 million. Moreover, the Supreme Court’s recent decision underscored that federal prosecutors overstepped with the obstruction charge brought by Smith. This ruling came just a day after President Biden’s disappointing debate against Trump on CNN.

“He is on an amazing streak,” Jennings continued. “Democrats were hoping the month of June would totally change the trajectory of this campaign, and it did. Now they’re in a nosedive and they have no idea how to pull out of it. He is on an incredible winning streak right now and his campaign, 30 days after getting convicted, is in far better shape than it was.”

Currently, President Joe Biden is trailing Trump by 1.9% in a national head-to-head matchup, according to the RealClearPolitics average of polls. When independent candidates Cornel West and Robert F. Kennedy Jr., as well as Green Party candidate Jill Stein, are included, Trump’s lead expands to 2.9%. This polling data indicates a growing challenge for the Democratic Party as they seek to regain their footing amidst these recent developments.

What’s worth noting about that polling is that Donald Trump leading in the national surveys by any margin is a serious problem for Joe Biden and his Democrat allies. In 2020, Joe Biden led Donald Trump in the national survey averages for essentially the entire election season. All throughout the summer and into the fall, Joe Biden led Donald Trump by about nine to ten points.

Meaning, Donald Trump flipping those numbers into his favor is absolutely a gut punch to the Democrats. The 2020 election was razor close and if you ran it one hundred times over, Donald Trump would probably get close to fifty wins himself. That ten point swing into his favor means he is set to absolutely wipe the floor with Joe Biden this November.

You could see a situation where Donald Trump effectively secures 270 electoral votes before Americans on the east coast go to bed on election night. That’s how devastating the most recent polling is for Joe Biden and company. One recent poll has Donald Trump leading over Joe Biden in the state of Pennsylvania to the tune of sixteen points in the odds-making department. That’s a state Joe Biden won in 2020.

Trump’s odds to win are positive in the swing states of Wisconsin, Michigan, Arizona, and Georgia as well. Winning these states would make a Joe Biden win virtually impossible.

Stay tuned to the DC Daily Journal.

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