Top Democrat hands Trump an unprecedented campaign victory

The Left is jumping ship from Joe Biden in droves. It may be too late for the current administration.

Because a top Democrat handed Trump this unprecedented campaign victory.

Bill Maher, a comedian and HBO personality, projected a “very likely” victory for former President Donald Trump, claiming that Democrats were shooting themselves in the foot by dismissing Trump supporters: “They are aggressively anti-common sense.”

Speaking to English writer Tina Brown at the Aspen Ideas Festival, Maher stated that the Left would eventually have to “own” its role in the increasingly tribal nature of American political politics.


“Part of it the Left has to own. They are aggressively anti-common sense. The Democrats keep running on this one idea, saying to the American people, ‘You can’t possibly think you can do worse than Donald Trump.’ And they keep saying, ‘Yes, we can. Yes, we can,’” Maher stated.

He went on to mention several of his acquaintances who had younger, far-Left-leaning children, claiming that the children blamed their parents of “old thinking” and failing to understand their political beliefs.

“Tear down statues of Lincoln? Maybe give communism another shot? Get rid of the border patrol? Get rid of capitalism? White supremacy has never been worse? Gender is always just a social construct? It’s okay to have p*nises in the women’s swimming pool, in women’s prisons?’ No, it’s not that I’m old; it’s that your ideas are stupid,” Maher said in response.

Maher then pointed out that if the Left continued on embracing all things woke and refusing to speak with Republicans who opposed Trump, they would be contributing to President Joe Biden’s reelection defeat.

“That’s as good as it gets. If you can’t talk to those people, you’re just abandoning the country to half the people who are even worse, who are going to vote for Trump this next time and they are — and he very likely will win and then what are we going to do?” he said.

“I think we should keep the dialogue open.”

This isn’t a surprise by any stretch of the imagination.

Conservatives across the nation have been pointing at the growing radicalization of the Left for decades now – and the blue dog Democrats are only just catching on.

Just take a look back to 2022:

A Heartland/Rasmussen poll found that 49% of Democrats believed the U.S. Constitution should be “mostly or completely rewritten.”

Another poll reported that 53% of Democratic voters supported abolishing the U.S. Supreme Court and replacing it with a “democratically elected” court.

While a vast majority of Democrats — 64% — supported expanding the Supreme Court.

And with 58% of Democrats in an AP-NORC poll last week saying they have “hardly any confidence at all” in the U.S. Supreme Court, that likely hasn’t changed much since 2022.

In short, they want to destroy out institutions, culture, social structures, and borders.

Who are the real radicals?

Stay tuned to the DC Daily Journal.

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