The mafia’s connections to a top 2024 Presidential candidate revealed

You may think that the influence of the mafia is all but gone. You’d be flat out wrong.

Because the mafia’s connections to a top 2024 Presidential candidate will surprise you.

The Republican side of the race for the 2024 Presidential election is heating up by the day.

More and more candidates are filing with the FEC and it’s quickly turning into 2016 all over again with a crowded debate stage to be expected.

The latest individual who says he just might be announcing a run for the White House is none other than former New Jersey Governor, Chris Christie.

Chris Christie ran in 2016 with little success despite frequently being in the news for sparring with Donald Trump and Ted Cruz, the two of the biggest candidates that year.

Most seem confused why Christie would be announcing a 2024 candidacy considering the pie is already completely taken by the likes of Trump and DeSantis.

Christie essentially has no shot unless an asteroid hits Trump and DeSantis at the exact same time.

But there’s another reason why Christie might be running that the media isn’t telling you.

That reason has ties back to the mafia and the major mob families in the northeastern regions of America.

You see, back in 2020, the Waterfront Commission of New York Harbor published a report with findings that conclude that the regional port still continues to have rampant organized crime issues.

Some of the findings from the commission include that there were dozens and dozens of workers at the port who were given extremely high salaries to simply not show up to work hardly at all.

The New York Post reporting on this writes:

Waterfront Commission reports… organized crime, drug use, racism, sexism, and no-show jobs, including nearly 20 people paid more than $450,000 a year.

Where Christie comes into this is that there are allegations that the Chris Christie New Jersey administration tried to keep these findings underwraps and hidden from the public for years. reporting on this writes:

… political pressure had come from the New Jersey governor’s office under the Christie administration not to release those findings. He said the directive appeared aimed at protecting the state’s perceived economic interests.

Apparently, the Christie administration attempted to be allowed to review the report before they would release it.

The commission said that would be counterproductive to the report, of course.

“Asking the Governors’ Offices and the Legislatures to review a draft of the report … would not only be completely counterproductive, but could potentially expose our annual report to various political agendas,” a commission executive said at the time.

The report was never published back in the 2010s but the report is now available for anyone to read on the commission’s website. Of course, this benefits Christie because he’s no longer the Governor and the news is buried.

To bring this back to 2024, Christie could very well be running because his ties to the mob families in the NJ area still run deep.

A sad reality of running for President in modern America is that you can get rich off of running a failed candidacy. It happens all the time.

It’s entirely possible that Christie is running and is in “business” with the organized crime families, seeking to bankroll their operations in some way.

Stay tuned to the DC Daily Journal.

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