Top Democrat calls on Biden to resign in alarming act of betrayal

The Left isn’t happy with the president. They want anybody else in office.

And now a top Democrat called on Biden to resign in an alarming act of betrayal.

Liberal comedian Bill Maher criticized President Biden for being “selfish” as he pursues reelection, claiming Democrats would win in November if he dropped out.

In an interview with Mediaite published Thursday, Maher was asked about his previous calls for Biden to step down, as well as if switching out the top of the Democratic ticket “risks” a victory for former President Donald Trump.

Maher predicted the opposite.

“If Biden drops out, they’ll win, without doubt!” Maher exclaimed.

“Biden should drop out. That’s the point. He’s being selfish.”

The HBO host then cited renowned Democratic strategist James Carville, who claimed on Maher’s Club Random podcast last year that any Democrat in their 50s replacing Biden would be a disaster for Trump.

“Of course, he’s not the voice of God, who knows. But that is my basic belief also, is that it’s theirs for the taking,” Maher added.

A year ago, Maher was sure that Biden was the only Democrat capable of defeating Trump in 2024.

But that changed last October, when he began referring to the president as “Ruth Bader Biden,” comparing him to the late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who famously refused to stand down under President Obama, allowing President Trump to choose her replacement after her death in 2020.

He used the Ginbsurg comparison after the release of Special Counsel Robert Hur’s report, which shed light on Biden’s mental acuity.

“I said he was going to be the Ruth Bader Ginsburg of presidential politics… He stayed too long at the fair,” Maher said last month.

“Bubbling up this week… he won’t do the Super Bowl interview, which is not a hard one, mixing up all the world leaders and then this report that came out.”

Maher also suggested that Biden should be replaced at the DNC convention this summer, citing comments Biden made during the 2020 election campaign in which he referred to himself as a “bridge” for Democrats, asserting that this was a “big hint” that he did not intend to run for reelection.

“‘I see myself as a bridge.’ I read that as one term,” Maher said last month.

“And I guess the question now is, is it too late? And I don’t think it is because I still think you can do it at the convention. People have said to me, ‘Oh, that’s ridiculous. They’ll look like-‘ They’ll look like nothing. Nobody gives an f— what they do at the convention.”

Biden’s age and mental acuity remain big issues for him heading into the 2024 presidential election, as the clear majority of Americans, including Democrats, believe he is too old to pursue a second term.

Stay tuned to the DC Daily Journal.

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