Trump campaign delivers Joe Biden a punch right in the gut

President Biden thought he had former President Trump dead to rights. But he thought wrong.

Because the Trump campaign has hit right back with a massive announcement.

When the 2020 election dust settled, Joe Biden and the Democrats were under the impression that Trump was politically dead. “Losing” the 2020 election, two impeachment processes, the January 6 nonsense, make your pick. All of it together meant that he was supposed to be in the rearview mirror of the Democrats for good.

To add insult to injury for Donald Trump, the Democrats even launched a full-scale legal war by accusing him of trying to illegally overturn the 2020 election as well as making hush payments to an adult film star before the 2016 election cycle.

All of this conveniently pops up after Donald Trump is ramping up another campaign for president to get a second term in the White House. The timing was conveniently perfect for the Democrats.

Donald Trump remains the leading presidential candidate despite the Democrats’ best attempts to change that. He has been handily beating Democrat incumbent Joe Biden regularly in national surveys on who American registered voters would like to see get a second term in the Oval Office.

Joe Biden and company are claiming they are far ahead of Donald Trump, however. They recently boasted that their on-hand cash resources for the Biden campaign were more than twice as impressive as Donald Trump’s by the end of February — $97.5 million for Biden and the DNC compared to $44.8 million of Trump and the RNC.

That seemed like a major problem for Donald Trump, but Trump is saying “not so fast.”

According to Donald Trump’s campaign officials, they have raised north of $65.6 million in the month of March alone in cooperation with the RNC and Trump-affiliated committees.

“Our campaign, working together with the RNC, has been steadily ramping up our fundraising efforts, and our March numbers are a testament to the overwhelming support for President Trump by voters all across the spectrum,” said Susie Wells, a top official for the Trump campaign, in an official statement shared with reporters.

Joe Biden and the Democrat National Committee have not released their final numbers for how much they raised in the month of March.

President Biden did appear at a major fundraiser alongside former Democrat Presidents Barack Obama and Bill Clinton at a New York City Radio City Music Hall event last month.

That fundraiser has reportedly hauled in about $26 million for Joe Biden and the Democrats as of the latest counts. That’s no small fundraiser, no doubt.

These numbers show that both candidates have a ton of fundraising capability that shouldn’t be underestimated. However, the Democrats have been boasting that Donald Trump and the Republicans are dead in the water with poor fundraising, which is obviously untrue.

Not only that, but fundraising only means but so much. It only goes but so far, it can’t outright force Americans to vote for you no matter how much you’ve spent on your campaign.

Back in 2016, Donald Trump’s campaign and his political affiliates raised north of $340 million to get him over the finish line and into the White House.

Hillary Clinton, however, raised more than $581 million. That’s about 71% more spending than the Trump team was able to pull off, and we all know how that election went down. Hillary Clinton got embarrassed by losing to the outsider when she was the darling of the Washington, D.C. political class.

That proves that fundraising isn’t everything. At some point, more fundraising dollars aren’t able to overcome the impression voters have of a candidate as was the case for Hillary Clinton and the Democrats in 2016.

If Joe Biden doesn’t address his horrendous approval ratings, even if he does out-fundraise Donald Trump this cycle, it may not matter one bit.

Stay tuned to the DC Daily Journal.

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