Trump campaign makes unexpected election proclamation

The election is close to just four months away. Which is what makes this news so critical.

Because the Trump campaign has made a completely unexpected election proclamation.

Leftist Activists Brace for Possible Trump Reelection

Leftist activists and legal groups are expressing growing concern over the potential reelection of former President Donald Trump, taking a toll on their mental health, according to a recent New York Times report. This anxiety has spurred a wave of preemptive strategies aimed at countering a possible second Trump administration. Simply put, the Leftist hive-mind is buzzing in a panic that Donald Trump is going to make their worst nightmares come true.

Interviews with over 30 Left-leaning activists and officials revealed a pervasive sense of “acute exhaustion and acute anxiety” as they anticipate the need to oppose Trump’s policies again. Many view his agenda as a significant threat to democracy. This collective apprehension has led a network of nonprofits and Democratic officials to devise plans to thwart Trump’s potential actions on issues like abortion, immigration, and civil service reform.

Patrick Gaspard, head of the CAP Action Fund, the political arm of the liberal Center for American Progress, emphasized the urgency of these preparations. “What Trump and his acolytes are running on is an authoritarian playbook,” he said. “So now we have to democracy-proof our actual institutions and the values that we share.”

The CAP Action Fund and its allies are determined to obstruct Trump’s key policy initiatives if he wins the presidency. Organizations like the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) and the National Immigration Law Center (NILC) are preparing legal and direct action strategies to resist potential immigration enforcement under a second Trump term. Since last fall, NILC has been organizing a network of volunteers across the U.S. to document immigration raids and intervene if legal violations are suspected.

The ACLU has issued a detailed memo outlining its plans to challenge Trump’s immigration proposals through a combination of legal battles, lobbying efforts, and coordination with liberal officials.

The organization intends to argue that mass deportations would violate the Fourth Amendment by necessitating racial profiling and that large-scale detention of undocumented immigrants would breach the Fifth Amendment’s protections against arbitrary detention. Additionally, the ACLU plans to lobby Congress to limit the authority of Customs and Border Protection agents and encourage governors to pardon undocumented immigrants to prevent deportation.

Anticipating potential targeting by the IRS, the ACLU has also enlisted a financial auditing firm to ensure full legal compliance.

Trump’s immigration stance remains popular, with a CBS News/YouGov poll indicating 62% of registered voters, including 53% of Hispanics, support a new program to deport all illegal immigrants. A Decision Desk HQ/NewsNation poll showed 46% of voters favor Trump over Biden for handling border issues.

Trump campaign spokesman Steven Cheung criticized these preemptive efforts to discredit Trump, calling them a direct threat to democracy and accusing Biden and his allies of undermining the will of the American people.

“It’s not surprising Biden and his cronies are working overtime to stymie the will of the American people after they vote to elect President Trump and his America First agenda,” Cheung shared with reporters.

On abortion, the Reproductive Freedom Alliance, a coalition of 23 Democratic governors, is working to secure abortion pills in anticipation of possible restrictions under a future Trump administration. Washington Governor Jay Inslee has already stockpiled enough pills to last five to six years. Julia Spiegel, from the office of California Governor Gavin Newsom, highlighted the group’s collaborative approach, which could serve as a model for other issues like immigration and gun safety.

Democracy Forward, an organization formed after Trump’s 2016 victory, has released a “threat matrix” detailing potential Trump administration actions on various issues and is preparing litigation to oppose them.

Polls suggest a competitive race, with FiveThirtyEight’s national polling average showing Trump slightly ahead of Biden as of June 17, and Decision Desk HQ’s forecast giving Trump a 56% chance of winning the presidency.

Michael Waldman, president of the Brennan Center for Justice, stated they are planning for both possible outcomes: advancing significant legislation under Biden or mitigating potential abuses of power under Trump.

Principles First, a conservative anti-Trump group, is organizing a conference titled, “Autocracy in America–A Warning and Response” at New York University, where scholars will discuss strategies to combat authoritarian leadership.

Ian Bassin, Executive Director of Protect Democracy, emphasized the gravity of the situation, stating, “He is no normal candidate, this is no normal election, and these are no normal preparations for merely coming out on the wrong side of a national referendum on policy choices.”

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