All hell broke loose on MSNBC when a Biden ally made this shocking confession about Trump

MSNBC is the new destination for Trump haters. The network’s becoming worse than CNN.

But all hell broke loose on MSNBC when a Biden ally made a wild confession about Trump live on TV.

There’s no getting around the fact that the Left absolutely loves that Donald Trump is being subjected to endless legal attacks. No matter how much they claim it’s just the “rule of law” working the way its intended, it’s not a good look that the Left is reveling in Donald Trump having to appear before court every other week.

Millions of Americans believe that these legal attacks on Donald Trump are only happening because he is the leading presidential candidate of the 2024 election cycle and threatens a second term of the vulnerable incumbent Joe Biden.

Well there’s more evidence for that idea after what a Joe Biden ally just had to say about the latest legal updates on the Donald Trump Manhattan case that has been garnering much attention lately.

Jon Meacham was a speech writer for Joe Biden during the 2020 campaign cycle and recently appeared on MSNBC with hosts Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski. On the show, he made it very clear that he is quite enjoying seeing Donald Trump in court.

He even called it “reassuring” that Donald Trump is being subjected to countless legal battles.

He noted how much he loved seeing images of Donald Trump in court because they apparently “reassured” him that the “rule of law” was being put front and center over the popularity of the former president.

First, he implied that Donald Trump’s supporters are living in a fantasy land and an alternate “reality” and that Donald Trump is out of his mind for viewing this legal attack as a battle between himself and his political enemies.

“No American in history has so warped everyone else’s reality, as well, right? I mean, it’s not simply his imaginative universe, he has imposed his imaginative universe, his grievances, his vision of enemies versus himself on everyone,” Meacham said referring to Donald Trump and his supporters.

Then he let the cat out of the bag saying the whole matter and the images of Donald Trump are “reassuring” for him.

“One thing about the last couple of weeks and about these images that I think – maybe this isn’t a particularly popular thing to say, but this is actually a somewhat reassuring set of images,” Meacham added during his appearance on MSNBC.

If images of Donald Trump in court are “reassuring” for someone, isn’t that just blatant bias? Isn’t that just showing your hand that you want Donald Trump thrown in prison or face death by a thousand cuts?

It’s not like the radical Left ever cared about seeing “images” of Hillary Clinton getting grilled for her crimes related to the Benghazi scandal of the Obama administration. No, instead they called it all a sham investigation, even though we know Hillary Clinton is guilty of misconduct. The question is just whether that misconduct reached the level of criminality. The Left ignores it entirely, however.

This is the new game of the so-called “progressive” Left that Joe Biden is absolutely a part of, no matter how much he tries to claim to be a “moderate” Democrat who is for the people.

They play the character assassination game wherever they can if it’s politically convenient and helpful for them to do so. Just consider how Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh had to be subjected to the most ridiculous Senate confirmation process because of phony claims of assault from decades ago.

Of course the Left is going to revel in their number one enemy, Donald Trump, having to spend time and money in the court system and having his name dragged in the mud.

Meacham continued on in the interview implying that Donald Trump views himself as a “king” who is above the law. This is of course adjacent to the claims that Trump’s haters make that he is trying to become a dictator of America.

“… it should remind people, not of somehow or another his victimhood, but the Thomas Paine insight, that we don’t have a king. In America, the law is king. What we’re seeing in the New York courtroom, however tawdry the narrative around it is, the facts of the case, that doesn’t matter. What matters that the law itself is supreme. It’s not just about the appetites and ambitions of one person,” Meacham added.

Oh give us a break. The Democrat Party and the “rule of law” go together these days about as well as oil and water. You can watch the clip of the exchange on MSNBC below:

Stay tuned to the DC Daily Journal.

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