An alarming report hit Biden’s desk that has his entire administration losing their minds

Biden’s campaign can’t take anymore bad press. His chances to stay in the White House are dwindling by the day.

And now, an alarming report hit Biden’s desk that has his entire administration losing their minds.

According to a federal report released this week, the Pentagon lacks consistent rules for tracking and reporting the status of weapons delivery to Ukraine, making it impossible to determine exactly how many munitions have found their way to eastern Europe.

With congressional opponents of continued military aid to Ukraine citing accountability for $42 billion in U.S.-sent weapons as one of their main concerns, a Government Accountability Office (GAO) report released Wednesday revealed that much of the uncertainty is due to the Defense Department rather than Kyiv.

The military tracks weapons sales to Ukraine using a recording system provided by the Defense Security Cooperation Agency, known as “DSCA 1000.”

On the other hand, the audit discovered that the Pentagon’s own instructions “does not clearly define at what point in the delivery process defense articles should be recorded as delivered in DSCA 1000, and DSCA officials have no process for ensuring the accuracy of the information in that system.”

Without a consistent Pentagon-wide strategy, each armed service branch has selected when to mark an item as “delivered,” causing confusion regarding the status of the support, according to the report.

For example, the Army reports things delivered “as soon as they begin movement from Army points of origin” in the United States, yet “weeks” can pass before they are handed over to Ukrainian forces.

Meanwhile, the Navy marks the commodities as delivered “when they reach the port of debarkation outside the US.”

The Air Force temporarily halted tracking weapon deliveries in DSCA 1000 until GAO investigators visited with brass in June of last year owing to a lack of policy guidance, according to the report.

“As of June 2023, the Air Force had not determined a standardized delivery confirmation process for defense articles provided to Ukraine,” according to the study.

“… [An] official also said that DSCA 1000 data on the delivery status of Air Force defense articles approved for provision to Ukraine were not accurate and that the Air Force had not updated DSCA 1000 delivery data in recent months.”

According to the study, the Air Force violated the requirement that all services record their delivery “at least monthly” in the online records system.

Meanwhile, DSCA officials informed investigators that they consider weapons “delivered” only after they are physically moved to Ukraine.

All this to say that your tax dollars are being sent away to foreign lands, for foreign people to kill other foreign people, without any regard for if it’s even delivered.

Even if you shelve the debate surrounding sending arms and munitions in the first place, you have to agree that we should at least know where our aid is going.

If we’re going to send aid, we’d rather it be used effectively. At least then this war may come to a close quicker.

But instead, the Left wants to virtue signal you into being nickel and dimed for payments and transfers that could be enriching foreign leaders.

And any one who spouts that “it’s military equipment, not cash” clearly doesn’t understand the premium enemy nations will pay for our technology. They’re useful idiots.

Stay tuned to the DC Daily Journal.

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