Barack Obama’s grand evil scheme is coming to fruition after what Joe Biden’s just proclaimed

The Obama admin tenure has well been over. But his “legacy” still lives on.

And now Barack Obama’s grand evil scheme is all coming together after what President Biden’s just proclaimed.

Many Americans look back at the Barack Obama administration with disdain for the way he orchestrated and invited national security threats, in the opinion of his critics. They point to his terrible Iran deal, his immigration policies that let unvetted radical Muslims into the nation, and much more.

In some circles, Barack Obama has a legacy of being what some would call a “Muslim sympathizer” instead of an America First patriot that should be a characteristic of every U.S. president. This is a legacy that’s carried on throughout the Democrat Party and it’s infected the Biden administration.

Recently, it was leaked that the Biden administration was possibly considering a targeted immigration plan to let Gazans take refuge in the United States due to the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas. But critics of this leaked plan are begging Joe Biden to reconsider.

Immigration specialists caution against a rumored initiative by the Biden administration to bring in Palestinians as refugees, emphasizing the potential risks to U.S. security.

Leaked internal government documents disclosed on Tuesday suggest that the Biden White House is mulling over options to offer permanent sanctuary to Palestinians from the strife-ridden Gaza Strip. While no official plan has been declared, many within government circles and immigration experts express concerns about the potential fallout from such a move.

Experts interviewed by reporters portray the rumored plan as counterproductive to national interests, citing the dangers of admitting poorly vetted individuals with potential links to terrorism. They advocate for relocating these refugees to neighboring Middle Eastern countries instead.

Matt O’Brien, Director of Investigations for the Immigration Reform Law Institute, criticizes the plan, highlighting Hamas’ control in Gaza and the difficulties in vetting individuals due to potential ties to the organization.

He suggests a wiser approach would involve offering temporary refuge in a nearby Middle Eastern nation, warning against the security risks of bringing large numbers of Gazans to the U.S.

Congressional leaders, including Iowa GOP Sen. Joni Ernst, have also voiced opposition, pointing out the ideological extremism among Gazans and logistical challenges in vetting them. They question why the U.S. would accept Gazan refugees when nearby Arab countries refuse due to security concerns.

Concerns escalate as polling indicates widespread support for Hamas among Gazans, raising doubts about the effectiveness of screening for extremist ties.

Eric Ruark, Director of Research and Public Relations for NumbersUSA, joins calls for relocating displaced Gazans to nearby regions rather than bringing them permanently to the U.S. He criticizes the administration’s border policies, suggesting humanitarian arguments may mask other motives.

“Every American should be deeply concerned about reports that the Biden administration is planning on implementing a program to bring Gazans into the United States,” Mr. Ruark shared in a statement.

Egypt’s strict border measures to prevent Gazans from entering the Sinai highlight the challenges in implementing the plan. Details on how the Biden administration intends to bring Gazan refugees remain unclear, though proposals involve utilizing the U.S. Refugee Admissions Program and processing those with American ties or relatives.

While the plan offers refugee status and pathways to citizenship for qualified Palestinians, critics emphasize the need for cooperation with Egypt, which opposes accepting large numbers of Gazans.

“Egypt and other Arab countries are refusing to take in Palestinian refugees from Gaza,” an official for the National Immigration Center for Enforcement shared with reporters in an official PR release. “Instead of recognizing why that is and acting in our national interest, Biden wants to ramp up the dangerous trend of bringing in unvetted and potentially dangerous individuals who hate us,” the official added.

Survey data on whether Americans would be supportive of immigrating Muslims from Gaza for refuge in the United States has not yet been compiled. However, recent surveys on immigration as a whole suggest that voters generally distrust the Biden administration to effectively handle the immigration issue. President Biden scores very unfavorably from Democrat voters and Republican voters alike on illegal immigration and national security.

With this in mind, it’s hard to imagine this plan from Joe Biden would be well received by the masses at all. Perhaps this was merely a “leak” intended to gauge how the Democrat voting base would respond given that they have been increasingly upset with how the White House has responded to the Israel-Hamas conflict.

Stay tuned to the DC Daily Journal.

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