Biden official went on ABC and made a scary confession about the Ukraine war

Americans did not want to hear this. But the Biden admin has confirmed everyone’s worst fears.

As a Biden official went on ABC and confessed something truly disturbing about the Ukraine war.

The American public has been extremely upset about the Washington, D.C. Swamp spending countless billions of taxpayer dollars on a proxy war in Ukraine while there’s millions of Americans struggling to get by with exploding inflation, a worsening housing crisis, and an overall abysmal economy.

The estimates are that the U.S. taxpayers have been billed about $100 billion to Ukraine in the form of military assistance, financial assistance, and humanitarian aid assistance.

The awful part about that $100 billion bill, though, is that only about 2% of it has been for humanitarian aid. Meaning, the vast majority of it is just taxpayer dollars being spent to aid the Ukrainian government financially and militarily.

On that military front, there’s growing concerns that the United States is sacrificing its own military to build up the Ukrainian military in their war against the Russians.

A number of current and former military officials have even sounded the alarm about the overall health and preparedness of the United States military on Joe Biden’s watch.

Not only that, but the Biden regime’s National Security Council spokesman, John Kirby, is confessing that the United States is supporting the military efforts of Ukraine in their war against Russia at the expense of the strength of the United States military.

When asked by an ABC reporter if he is concerned about U.S. “readiness” when we’re giving all our best military weapons and funds to the Ukrainians, Kirby gave a very quick answer of “of course.”

“Do you worry at all about our own readiness as we give weapons to Ukraine?” the ABC reporter asked John Kirby.

“Sure. Of course,” Kirby quickly responded. “Since the beginning of the war, with every package we provided, we’ve got to make a certification that it’s not gonna damage our own national security, and as we have given more and depleted our inventories, we have been doing everything we can to work with the defense industry to restock, to replenish.”

He went on to seemingly contradict himself and say that the interests of the United States have not been jeopardized but it’s something he’s still keeping in mind.

“That’s what this replenishment authority — why that’s so important, so yes, it’s a concern. We haven’t reached a point yet where our own national security and our own operational plans have been jeopardized, but it’s absolutely something you can’t ever take your eye off.”

Check out the clip below:

Let’s get this straight. John Kirby says that U.S. military readiness has been affected by sending Ukraine obscene amounts of military equipment and giving them the right to fill out a blank check at the expense of the U.S. taxpayer.

At the same time, he says that U.S. national security and “plans” have not been “jeopardized,” as he put it.

How does that remotely make sense? This is what people are talking about when they say they don’t trust the Biden administration with handling the U.S. military and foreign affairs in general.

The entire White House is constantly flip-flopping or talking out of their *rse, and this is a prime example. They are gaslighting the American people into believing that everything is fine.

There’s no problem with sending more and more taxpayer dollars to foreign nations even though we have our own issues. It’s Orwellian, no doubt.

Stay tuned to the DC Daily Journal.

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