Biden’s meltdown on stage has the White House hitting the panic button

The president’s staff holds their breath anytime he speaks in front of a crowd. They never know how or when he’ll brutally embarrass himself.

And Biden’s meltdown on stage has the White House hitting the panic button.

If he wins another presidential term, Joe Biden would be 86-years-old at the end of it.

He’s currently 81, and voters are growing more and more worried about his age affecting his performance as commander-in-chief.

In February, a poll from Quinnipiac showed that 67% of voters believe that Biden is too old to serve as president for another four years. Just 31% of those polled say that he’s not too old.

64% of voters said that Biden doesn’t have the mental fitness for another term, while 62% said he doesn’t have the physical fitness for one.

Those voters who were polled are probably feeling more uneasy about Biden’s mental and physical capacity after the speech he gave in New Hampshire on Tuesday.

During his speech, President Biden was touting the Honoring Our Promise to Address Comprehensive Toxics (PACT) Act which came into law in August of 2022.

When Biden concluded his remarks he couldn’t even say the name of the PACT Act correctly, calling it the “pacandlpacatlackack.”

“Let me close with this. After I signed the pacandlpacatlackack into law, I handed the pen and I signed it with a wiszzfschuna, the most person most responsible for the legislation to a widow and her daughter of a late Sgt. First Class Heath Robinson,” Joe Biden confusedly said.


If that sounds like gibberish to you, well that’s because it is.

This isn’t an isolated incident for Biden either. Take a look at how he fumbled through his words during a speech in 2023:

It’s no wonder the majority of Americans don’t believe that Joe Biden has the mental fitness to serve the United States as president for another four years.

And no, this isn’t a childhood stutter that Biden is suffering from during these recent gaffes.

If you look up clips of him during his time as a senator or even vice president, it’s clear that he could speak far more coherently than he can today.

But Joe Biden and the White House don’t want you to think that. They want you to believe that he’s always had a stutter this bad.

They simply don’t want to admit that he’s in clear cognitive decline.

Stay tuned to the DC Daily Journal.

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